Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Vids from Marvel and DC

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this random CGI movie of three iconic Marvel Heroes on a short clip. Pretty need stuff with Spiderman's Quirky Humor, Iron Man's Bravado and Hulk simple mind. Its a short film of them fighting evil robots. Pretty cliche but a great CGI film nonetheless.

CGI short clips and films have always been a real eye pleaser for me. From the most famous games like Starcraft 2 to Marvel and DC heroes, CGI clips are what really thrills the crap out of me everytime i play a game and adds real value to a games storyline. The best psrt of CGI clips though, is that while the game may not be epic, it still can tease people into digging the whole story concept of the clip...

And this next clip just wow the shit out of me!. I'm not a DC fan. In fact, I barely take interest in many of DC Comic heroes other than its iconic main figures. But this CGI Short trailer of DC Universe just blew me away. Especially the whole concept of not holding back the limits of what each iconic hero can do.

DC Universe Online is a MMORPG. While I am skeptical on how this is going to pan out as Superheroes/Super Villan Online game. But it is not known that such an online concept can beat mammoths like World of Warcraft or EVE Online. Besides, DC Universe can't be hailed as someone who has made a new concept for MMORPGs as City of Heroes and City of Villains were the first movers in hero-themed world for online play. However, it has a DC fan based which could play the critical role of gaining massive subscribers. Furthermore, the hero-themed MMORPG, City of Heroes and City of Villains have been fairing well. As such, it could be a lucrative business venture for DC.

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Other than that, Enjoy the DC Universe Trailer. 6 mins of pure action!


  1. Ia it me or is there some type of paradigm shift?

    In the 80s, Marvel was the more grittier Publisher of super heroes with political factored into their comics, while DC was more cheesier.

    Presently though, Everything seem to have humor in Marvel while DC takes a grittier approach that seems to be working well for them as compared to Disney's Marvel :p

  2. WIcked Video scene on DC Universe Trailer.
    DC definitely got a great deal of gritty stories converted into movies.

    However, their content and universe seems for less dynamic to Marvel.

    If only they expend on such concept in which their awesome trailer can be a source for a Justice League movie.

  3. Other than Batman, I have yet to see A good Iconic DC Superhero movie that would be pretty damn awesome.
    Much as many might like to say that Superman Returns was good movie, it really didn't bring out the best in Superman.

  4. IS it me but does Batman look so out of place in that battle.

    Sure he has the battle armour and all. But err... he isn't contributing much.

    Ironman could kill him in a blink.

  5. HHAHA I couldn't agree with you more Shen.
    Don;t get me wrong, I love the Dark Knight. But he seems redundant and useless.

    Green Lantern or Wonder Women could easily kill of the Joker. As for batman, the only seen I saw him do anything significant is getting hit like a pinata. :S OH WELLS