Monday, August 23, 2010

DE: Black Guard

Hey All!

Well, I've been traveling around the states and soon I will be settling down for college...which explains the irregularity of my posts and I will try my best to update the blog. Also I have most of my collection sitting in boxes right now, so I will be covering those that I am keeping around with me for now. New photos have been made as promised, and here they come!

For this post, allow me to introduce to you...the feared Black Guard of the Dark Elves!

Trained to kill since young, recruits are put into groups of 20, and placed into a tower...only for Battle Royale to break lose and paint the walls of blood shed in hatred. The sole survivor will be chosen to train as a Black Guard, barring death during the training. Wielding a halberd (aka 'great weapon'), the Black Guard are the trusted bodyguards of Malekith, and are warriors of martial renown, perhaps equalled or surpassed by their hatred for everything else.

In actual fact, these minis were bought on ebay, only slightly above the combined price of the minis w/o painting, which smelled like a good deal...funny thing is, compared to paintedfigs, the price is lower than what painting services charge. It came from a bloke in the UK who painted them perhaps on a small scale, as he was selling a few painted units and a lot of unpainted ones. If you look at the right time, you'll find some well-painted minis going at a good price, especially with the downturn making some sell their armies to hobby stores or online. For this particular regiment, the painting proved to be pretty well done. Of course, the downside is that we don't get to customize the minis as we would like to have...

I have a few dark elf units lying around, but I haven't had the chance to play them against anyone yet. JQ, WT and I are planning to play some WFB battles at the end of this year, which will feature conflicts between High Elves, the Empire and Dark Elves. Brets (to my knowledge) are also a possibility. On those battles, we will surely provide commentary once they are conducted and concluded.


  1. Wow.. really nice figures you got there for sure.
    On the first pic though, it looks like the Black Guard is in a twinkly night. :S

    Reading this post, I can't wait to see your battles against your friends josh. All the best to the devotees of Slaneesh.MUAHAHA

  2. hawaiiwarhammerfanAugust 24, 2010 at 8:24 PM

    Someone got a lucky buy. Must have been a killer deal.

    Hopefully your black guards are "killer" on abilities on the battlefield as they are in price.

    PUN intended.

  3. Haha, pretty amusing hawaiiwarhammerfan.

    As for buying other people's mini's it is always the fastest most convenient and cheap way to get an army quick.

    Definitely does not give a great sense of belonging to you though as there is not customization. But that is just me. No harm and if it looks great, it should make the battlefield look better compared to a non-painted figure.

    Can't wait for the battles to come. My bets on Empire. heard it is the most dominant army now.

  4. Battles Soon??
    That's what I am looking forward to too!
    Bring it on guys..
    But will you guys be using the new rules?

  5. I wonder, if one uses old rules and the new rules to pit each side against each other, How dramatic the difference would be.

    Especially for the Heavy laden Cavalry units such as Bretonnia. :P heehh heeehh