Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HMS Trafalgar

Facing the Trafalgar.

The Trafalgar Submarine is the current mainstay of the Royal Navy Hunter Killer Nuclear Submarines. Not until the introduction of the Astute class submarines, The Trafalgar is the most advanced nuclear submarine that the Royal navy had to offer.

The Trafalgar like all nuclear submarines can remain submerged for long periods on ends. Of which, the Trafalgar Class Submarine, HMS Triumph had perform the longest submerged voyage to Australia, spanning a total 41000 miles.

This submarine has 5 tubes capable of arming and firing 21 inch Spearfish wire-guided torpedoes. It is also capable of carrying Harpoon anti surface missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

All in all, this submarine is a capable formidable sub that has seen a few action in the Gulf. Furthermore, it will remain in service till 2022 when it will be totally replaced by the Astute Class Submarines.

While the Royal Navy in my opinion is still one of the most advance navies in the world today and they have been upgrading their fleet. They are not their former self. Approximately 200 years ago or so, The Royal Navy was one of the most dominant naval force in the world. Now they lack the weaponry and strength in numbers to even be dominant in Europe. Will the RN ever rise back to former glorious time?

Sidenote: Been base coating and starting to paint my Russian Fleet with the Help of my girlfriend. (Thanx a lot dear :)) On top of that, I am progressing well in constructing my Aircraft Carrier. If all goes smoothly and swiftly, I should have my US Fleet done for photoshoot time.
So stay tune!


  1. In answering your question, I would say the Royal Navy has already past its prime.

    Somehow or another, Economic power is correlated to a big extent and as such. British Economy pales against the big guys of the 21st century.

    With rising cost and lack of political support and will. It won't go back to its former glory of being the most dominant navy on earth.

    In fact, everyone is leagues behind the US Navy. So in that technical aspect, its out of the question. Neatly done but I must say, I'm sure it was not that hard to make it.

    Keep it going Jiaqi!

    btw, Plain and simple Model that you constructed here.

  2. Great post.

    After what you have posed on your entry. It would have been more appropriate to ask oneself, which armed forces would rise to the same level as the United States.

    Honestly, it would be along while. Ever since United States became a global super power, pretty much everything that was dominant before that, fades into oblivion.

    Nice Submarine model and it is really just way cool to have your partner help you out in your modelling. Must be a real awesome girl to have ;)

    Good on ya Jiaqi.

  3. I like submarine models.
    Easy to construct and even easier to paint.
    I know, that ain't really the way one should look in terms of modeling but submarines do have a certain space in my heart.

    Currently doing the SSN-21 Seawolf and Typhoon Class SSBN. Already have constructed Akula and Los Angeles Class Submarines. Might be looking into Japanese Class Harushio and Oyashio Submarines.

    You're Trafalgar looks decent enough in construction and it is indeed adorable that your gal has help you in your model stuff.

    GOOD ON YER!.. Mine does help me do painting on stuff to. Its pretty awesome to have someone enjoying the thing u like and helping out.

  4. For one thing, It is pretty obvious RN will not be the most dominant navy less something out of the ordinary happens to the sole superpower of the world.

    However, I feel that the RN is still a powerful and advance navy of Europe that is of equal standards if not better in experience than any European navy.

    Don't forget, they are the most recent navy to have actual modern naval warfare in the Falkland wars. So with that, I can say they aren't a pushover even at this point of time.

  5. I think that people put the US Armed Forces to high up on a pedestal.

    It may be the most biggest global superpower force in the world.

    But with the dynamics of the economy of the world today, it is possible to constraint against the might of the Americans through various measures.

    Admittedly though, I must point out that they are the single and sole superpower in the world and while CHina continues to rise in economic growth. They are decades behind military superiority.

  6. Seeing your post, Its good to see that your continuing making more stuff.

    Respect dude and keep it rolling. Great to see u got a helper. Its always just great and heartwarming to have someone to help you in your hobby.

    Got a Gal who does my painting and fixing up of models too.

    As for your RN question. My opinion goes with the rest of the guys. Days of glory are indeed over for them.
    Real awesome.

  7. Thank You guys for all the Kind words!
    Most appreciated all. Glad to hear some of yer having partners who help too.

    And i think all your views are pretty relevant.
    There is only one global super power and that is the US. RN can never go back to that days of former glory.

    Will keep painting guys :)