Friday, August 20, 2010

Games Galore.

So I know this is pretty random and we hardly review much games for quite some time.
But just decided to do a one amidst all the models and collectibles.

So here are in my opinion the 3 most anticipated or must get games for now.
(It also means that you got to be a real fool to not know the titles of these games)

Firstly, Out in stores right now and conjuring a storm of buyers and slowly but surely will become the mainstay of Sci-Fi RTS

Starcraft 2

This trailer pretty much says it all. For years, Starcraft fans have waited and it has finally arrive. However, this time around, each of the races campaigns will be sold seperately. The first release is Wings of Liberty, which would be the Terran Campaign.

Starcraft 2 is already out and while I am craving to get my hands on one. My damn laptop is not powerful enough to give me the best experience. :/ However, I do very much want to start pwning in Starcraft 2 War and Tactics.

But won't be getting a new CPU anytime soon :[

So I guess playing my favourite race of the Protoss would have to wait. :/

Female Zealot Concept Art. If only there was such a unit. :S


And yet Another Blizzard that should be killing the market of PC Games is


Ever since I started on the Diablo, I have barely cease playing that game. As long as i remember having a CPU, i was playing Diablo. From Diablo 1 to Diablo 2. It has been a decade plus of awesome fun and terror. from playing co-op with friends to going online and participating in ladder matches.

Diablo has brought me Third Person RPG that is freaking action pack and fast paced compared to many of the DnD counterparts. With the third installment coming soon, I have nothing more to say but BRace urself.

Red Dead Redemption

The last game that I want to recommend that is out in stores and platform is Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 8s none other than the highly rated Rockstar game called Red Dead Redemption.

Set in the West, Rockstar has taken a different era to put a age old concept that never fails and mash it into one really awesome game. While it has many traits that are similar to Grand Theft Auto. its refreshingly appealing to play Cowboy in the West.

Will definitely get me this one when I got the Moo lah.

Speaking of which, $$$ the green bags are no where to be found as I am dead broke. But always have been so no biggie this time round.

Till next post. SEE ya soon!


  1. Nice game picks.
    Its gonna be Blizzard galore for the next few months. You forgot to add the new WoW expansion. :S

    Which brings me to another point. Since you are such a military enthusiast, why never mentioned about Medal of Honour 2 or Call of Duty MW2 Jiaqi?

  2. Haha, Must as I want to, I know that they pale in comparison to Blizzard game. The hype, the release, the review.

    All seem to be A Star quality. Whereas for Modern Warfare 2. The hype was great, The realse was great but there was a huge disappointment and a real big slap on PC gamers faces so they lost out on that part by a lot.

    And i think you meant Medal of Honour (Present Day Era) Medal of Honour 2 is still a WW2 game. As for that, I don't see it as big or as high in ratings as those mention above. Right?

  3. I generally agree on that.
    Activision really screwed up in building a gaming culture and success that Blizzard has by alienating their PC players.

    Not sure about Medal of Honour not being a big hit though. I have my skepticism on Medal of Honour not getting as high a rating as these games.

  4. So much for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 being epic. Funny how I happen to stumble upon this blog entry again. Diablo 3 is really kind of screwed up and I must say that Blizzard didn't really hit the spot on that game.

    For the first time, the hype did not live up to what it was suppose to be. And that would be a great many first failures for Blizzard now.

  5. SOrry for the late reply but I agree with you Gameman. It is a tragedy that Blizzard hasn't been as successful. Ever since Blizzard North Departed... THings aren't the same anymore.

    Then again, no company can always be perfect.