Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lets Booby Trap the Place

Back to Todd McFarlane figures again.

This time round its one of Josh figure. Not quite sure whether is he spec ops or navy seals but as we can see here, he is obviously setting up a claymore mine.

In my opinion, perhaps he is setting up a defensive perimeter around the area he is in.

One thing that really remains iconic in my mind about using claymore is none other than during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in which during the "Ghillie Up" mission where you had to help Captain MacMillan to the LZ (Landing Zone) as you played the role of Lieutenant Price and defend urselves against an army of Russian Soldiers before your pickup arrive.

Must say, the claymore mines were of great help. Though in the end, like an angry mob, they provided a surface level defense against the enemy while you had to take out the rest that came into your defensive position. It was probably one of the most hardest missions.

NVGs. There always seem ubiquitous to special operation units.

Looking at this pic, it brings me back and raises some issues of when and what version of Modern Warfare 2 I should buy. I am still contemplating whether to buy the PS3 Collector's edition Version of Modern Warfare 2 (especially for the NVG :p) and screw having to play on the laptop which is pretty much how I play all FPS games.

Hmm, but then again, using the mouse as the control for shooting and aiming will always beat the controller. No offense to die hard console players, but even with the slight auto aim function, PC Gamers still dominate the FPS world unless the PS 3 gets a dedicated Mouse and Keyboard.

Zoom Up shot on the claymore. (Seeing him using a red cord, I am going to assume that he will be using the trip-wire mechanism for detonating the claymore.)

And speaking of detonations, what would in your opinion is the most coolest explosive device used by anyone, be it from real Special Forces to people in the movies?

Write in the comment section. And See yer Next Week!


  1. MacGuyver's improvised explosive devices!! :D HEe

  2. This may have no link to people in the movies but I used to play Battlefield 2 and the C4 explosive were the most awesome explosive against enemies.

    The best part is when you attach ur entire stack on a tank and wait for it to go next to a few soldiers and blow it up, resulting in an epic kill.

    In note of CoD MW, I remember the Ghillie Up Mission. Real thrilling!

    AS for actual real life explosive, Nothing really can be Plasticine C4 though. Really awesome stuff. Not that I have any experience with it, but it always looks great whether it is featured in a movie or discovery channel

  3. I hope I am not to cliche but the most coolest explosive gadget in the movie will be none other than the Dark Knight's Gun that shoots out adhesive witha time charge bomb.

    Batman's weapon during the last scene fight in the Dark Knight movie was pretty epic. The explosion caused by the weapon isnt that big but its a pretty nifty gadget!

  4. I remember that Gun from the Dark Knight!! When Batman was taking on the Swat Team and saving the hostages.

    I agree POI, Cool gun.
    Might I add, Another really explosively cool device would be, Pierce Brosnan's James Bond Golden Eye Movie Explosive pen. Click Twice or Thrice and You set off the fuse for it to explode

  5. Another explosive thingy would be the red/green chewing gum from Mission Impossible as used by Tom Cruise...I don't wanna chew that thing.

  6. HAhah oh yeahhh!!! that was wicked.
    Its hard to think of anything else though..
    U guys pretty much cover it all. :/

    And Killers, I used to be hardcore for BF2..
    Man, Good old days...

  7. two thumbs up for Ghillie Up mission!
    Seriously the most thrilling scary one mission ever.

    As for explosive devices, I really love all of the Green Goblin's explosive devices in bad man.

    Follow it up with Iron Man's Explosive gadgets.

    Not sure it that counts =p

  8. Does Bomberman Count? No?