Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragon Power! Part 2

Back again with the next set of dragon pics

So here we see the overall picture of the figure.

Looking pretty awesome as the dragon lifts off from the perched rock

Dragon Elf Lord flying through the stormy clouds....

While the painting is good, I must say that the sculpt also enables more avenues for creativity and painting in a more dynamic way. During the earlier editions of Warhammer, the figures were more flat and squarish. It didn't have definition to make dry brushing and blending look as good as it is now.

Dragon Roar!!!!

And lastly, Dragon Faces off with my Bretonnian Hippogriff.

Clearly, in between this two monsters' stats, My Hippogriff is amply outmatched by the dragon.
Might I add that in painting too. My Hippogriff loses.

Dragon Power... A privilege given only to the Elves. DAMN THEM!

Speaking of Dragon Power.

How many of you can recognise DOUBLE DRAGON!!

This cartoon brings back old memories of when i was a kid during the 90s.
Its cheesy but its awesome. DOUBLE DRAGON POWER!!!

I just like the irony in the theme song though. In the ending part, their master says some excerpt of the Code of the dragon which are, never intentionally harm another and do not battle if you can avoid it, but all the while, these two Dragon Masters are using their powers and battling people. :S

And Since they are humans, like Warhammer, they don't have dragons to ride on... So much for dragon power.. HAHA


  1. Lol. I like how u combined the post with the double dragon show.
    Man, that show is real retro but it brings back good memories of my teenage years.

    Great Pics taken guys. I totally am appreciating the face off picture!

    Will come by more often!

  2. Which one would be more powerful?
    Double Dragon?

    Come on.. dudes.. pls.. someone at least tell me you get the joke =p

  3. Did you see that? IT'S A DOUBLE RAINBOW MAAAAN!!!

  4. I would reckon Double Dragon would whoops Double Rainbow man twice over cos he is so jacked up, he wouldn't be able to even provide any form of physical defense.

  5. This is hilarious.
    But Double Rainbow mannn.. u gotta realise .its a double freaking rainbow..

    FULL RAINBOW!!! *Cries with Joy*

  6. Omg guys.. what the hell man..

    I feel you dude, but u gotta ask urself.
    WHAT DOES IT MEANNN!!! Its so Beautiful..But what does it meannnnn!!!

  7. Just a point to note too though. Billy and Jimmy sound like the most cliche homo names a dynamic duo can ever have.


  8. Well they kinda parallel Ryu and Ken in someway too...just thought about that.

  9. U guys really crack me up!!
    Darn random on everything.
    HAHAHA.. i really dunno how to add on to this stampede of humor.

    I must agree with Josh on the parallel similarities with Ryu and Ken.

  10. @Jiaqi
    LMAO... indeed.. WHAT DOES IT MEANNN????

  11. Sorry to intrude again. Kindaof new here, but yeah.

    Canadian Warhammer fan from Toronto.

    Interesting blog and pretty neat content

    @Josh, It did occur to me.. It is sort of an uncanny resemblance of Ryu and Ken.. just wielding SWORDS! haha

    I know of one more comparison: Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon and Knights. C: