Friday, September 24, 2010

MS-09R Rick Dom

Hey Everyone

Hope you all have been doing well and I do apologize if you guys felt you were kept waiting. I've been finding time in between schedules to take pictures and post 'em right away, and hope you guys have been enjoying them! We really appreciate you guys dropping by to check us out :)

As you know, I have a particular liking for "bad guys", be it Soviets, WWII Germans, Star Wars Galactic Empire and even...the Principality of Zeon from the famed Gundam series. Personally, I find the "good guy" gundams to be pretty uninteresting in design, and all of them more or less look the same to me. Zeon's mono-eyed robots look way cooler, and as the losing side in terms of technological superiority, I'd prefer to side with them who have life much tougher.

So allow me to present to you Bandai's 1/200 scale MS-09R Rick Dom mobile suit! Looking like a chubby samurai, the Rick Dom was developed to replace the Zaku II units (those well-known green colored one-eyed robots), which have been found wanting in the war the Principality had with Earth. They are typically armed with heat swords and beam bazookas, and were used extensively until the end of the war.

An example of a Zaku II mobile suit.

The eye of the Rick Dom is the eye of death...(yeah right)

This model of the HCM (High Complete Model) Progressive series, where the robots are already painted and ready to play with, and it came pretty cheap during a sale (got it at about USD 8). The gun had a light grey color and I thought it would be a good idea to paint it black, but I screwed up on the primer and made the gun appear very "rough" in appearance, like as if it was exposed to "battle damage" (aka good excuse for bad painting lol). The model itself is really well done, such as move-able monocle eye, fully painted jet thrusters (not in the pics, but I will show them soon!), and even metal pistons for feet joints.

Moving into position...

Lighting-wise, it was my aim was to achieve a very dramatic effect where parts of the model are either in bright light or near darkness...kinda producing some edgy feel of combat. As with all models, dust collects in small crevices and it's a pain to try to get most of the dust out...the 1st two pictures were slightly edited to bring out the blacks.

And I'll end this post with a full body view of the Rick Dom model itself. The "ruins" actually came from a fan-made painting (an artist named "Natiq") from the Fallout RPG I found somewhere from the web. If you're a die hard Gundam fan, you'll know that the Rick Doms were made for space-wars instead of land-wars, but heck I wanted a cool picture in the end heh :P

And until next time, keep it chill and keep tight for more posts :)


Full body view of a MS-09R Rick Dom


  1. Nice "gundams".
    I love both Zeon Mobiles Suits and Gundams alike. Great shot and picture capturing!

    The MS-09R does remind me of something like robotech though.

    Great phototaking though for a simple toy.

  2. Hi all!
    I must say it is through that it does have some resemblance to Robotech.

    But remember, robotech came AFTER gundam so it could be largely due to influence of ideas?

  3. Really great gundam model man!!! Robotech in the 80s was also really awesome.
    Heard Tobey Maguire is going to do a movie about it.. Not sure if it is true.
    But gundam is still the best! :)

  4. haha nice background that is different from the usual.
    Haha but this one doesn't really go according to scale.

    Nonetheless the bg does add to the beauty of the pic. What city is that josh?

  5. Haha thanks for all the kind words man...

    I am not sure what city it is though...but it has "nuka-cola" on it, so it's a Fallout-themed background.