Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon Power!

Hi there once again.

First of all let me apologize for the fact that we have been streaming only one post a week for quite a while.

Decided to step up the game, but yeah, I have been having lots of work and things that i needed to cater too. As for Josh, he has been out for quite a while but i can assure you he will be back and posting more than ever.

In any case, since Games Workshop have started its sale of Island of the Blood set which includes High Elves against Skavens, I figured why not feature a new addition of High Elf miniature to our displayed collection. (Sorry no skavens so far :S)

This was a bday present for our friend WT that Josh and I got him. Its none other than the most uber unit the HE have in their army. The High Elf Lord on Dragon, one of the most fearsome powerful hell raising unit there is in the HE ranks.

Josh stumble upon it on ebay and the paint job was pretty fine. I must admit that it is a great job done by the painter and it came at a great deal.

And here we have the Dragon Lord. On his Throne saddle, wielding his lance and preparing to strike down all foes of Ulthuan. One particularly nice paint job in this pic is the shield. I like the blending and drybrushing done to make the engraving of the phoenix come alive. Great work on the colour code.

A little Close up on the rider. I must commend on the face painting. Pretty much more well done compared to the skills of me, Josh and WT combined.

Took a picture of the wing. Note: Blending was great. And dry brushing was of a great standard too.

Dragon has a helm and the blending job is great too. Liking how he paints the gem.

The difficult part about blending is understanding the colour scale across the plot that ur painting and patience. It requires a whole load of time, skill and patience to do it well. While, I'm still only on the level of dry brushing, painting and inking. Blending is something I have yet to master.

Looking at some of my recent works, it is just hard to really picture how to do it well.
And that in summary, is what is so difficult about painting Warhammer stuff and Military Model Kits. The moment you master blending, it means that you really have an eye for artistic painting.

Because for me personally, it is the blending, perspective of shadow and the basic elements of painting that really defines a work form being a standard miniature from a piece of artwork.

Perhaps, I haven't reach that level yet and I am a real slow learner. 10 years into it and I haven;t got the prowess to really spend enough time to do it in a master-class way.

Hopefully, One day. I will. :)

Will continue with the High Elf Dragon in the next entry.

Till then, CHEERS!


  1. Ebay is the way to go for fast reasonable paintworks.

    However, I don't really like how it is not one's work being done most of the time.

    It is always good to paint ur own stuff and have something to call your own. Totally customised and showing the hard work and sweat being done.

    No offense to you all, But that's how I usually roll. But yeah. to each his own.

    The dragon looks good though and the picture taking awesome

  2. Bahh Painting schmainting...

    These guys to paint a lot, that i am pretty aware of.
    But I am pretty sure we all had our fair share of buying prepainted stuff. It isn't a SIN.

    I stand on the other side of this prepainted figures debate. (if there is even a debate)

    Dragon is awesome though. And I must agree with you JiaQi, Blending isnt an easy thing to do.

    Barely have an idea of it. But don't worry, You will get there.

    We got fellow Warhammer players who have been in it for 20 over years or more. You can't be a swift and master class painter of figures over night. Most definitely not.


  3. To each his own. Pretty much most of my models are painted by myself. Say 70%.

    Admittedly I have a few that I have used Blue Table Painting and others to make too.

    Like Jiaqi, I play many tabletop games and you can't paint them all. And I like my stuff COMPLETED.

    Great Dragon btw. Would be even more deadly now with the new 8th ed rules.

  4. Have to agree with Jiaqi ont he paint job of the shield. It looks good. Real good.
    Great model.

  5. I can safely say for myself, I paint most of my stuff too. While many of my chaos figures are works of paintedfigs.

    About 80% of all my model kits, miniatures and etc, are made or done by me.

    This isn't any justification to anyone, neither is it something I am boasting of.

    But yeah I guess I can't paint them all and there are times I just need a lil help. :3 Heh

    Each of us roll a different way. The good thing is we play the same game and we enjoy it as a hobby.

    So yeah, we roll differently, but we enjoy ALL THE SAME!