Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spiderman (Marvel)

Hello everyone!

It has been Marvel Madness for the first half of 2014! We have gone past Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was a fantastic show with a brilliant plot line! And now we are lining up with the Amazing Spider-man followed by X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy. It is a great time to be a marvel fan and for all blockbuster viewers.

Appropriately, I will be featuring the Hasbro Marvel Universe Spider-man in conjunction with the Amazing Spider-man 2 Show. The film is scheduled to be released on 1 May 2014 in Singapore. However, it has already had screenings in a few countries.

 Spider-Man, Guardian of NYC

 I am sure many of you know the origins of Spider-Man. An original work by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter Parker bitten by a spider transform into your neighborhood friendly Spider-man. The great appeal of Spidey is his relatability to your average teenager. It has been half a century and the Web Slinging Hero is still able to connect with teenagers and young adults. Even older audiences can still feel for Spidey and the issues and troubles he has to face as the Hero and as a Normal guy.

 The Web-slinger slings

 In fact, the infamous quote "With great powers comes great responsiblity" is a great moral compass that defines Spider-man character and hero status. The fact that Spidey has powers that are not over the top makes his story more compelling. Unlike the Man of Steel, he is still human. He still has limits as to what he can do. And the fact that he relies on the people of New York to help him at times is something that touches many comic book fans.

 Spidey on the Foreground of the NYC landscape

It is these main points in all of Spidey's various adventures and obstacles that has made his story a subject of poignant interest. Don't you all think Spidey's story has great depth? I dare compare that he is definitely up there in terms of great comic literature. In fact, if it weren't for Spider-man, Marvel would have not gotten such a name for itself. Spider-man is the Mickey Mouse of Marvel. Any objections to that? Hahaha.

 Game Time with his Buddies

One thing that I haven't really tried out with my figures is making them do stuff as if they were really Action-figure size. I believe you have seen some pictures featuring the infamous picture concept of the Stormtrooper and his son as shown here.

Avenger Friends helping each other out!

I figured that the Hasbro Marvel Universe Series Action Figures were the most appropriate of the lot of figures I have to be part of this picture concept of "life as an action figure". Inspired by "Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys", I have decided to try these few pics of Spidey and Iron Man working together. Hopefully, my deviation from normal protocol of taking Action Figures are to your satisfactory! Please do let me know!

Painting and Modelling is no easy job. Teamwork always helps!

Nothing like Rocking it to the max when your movie is coming out

On another note, Hot Toys have release their Spider-Man Figure from the Amazing Spider-man 2 film. I got to say that it is really awesome!

 Look! It even includes Spider-man in winter clothing! Pretty Hipsterish

 Definitely looking way more leaner than Tobey's Spiderman

There have been good and bad critics about the Suit. Many like the leaner Andrew Garfield's Spidey. However, there are criticism on the material use for his suit. Some have said that Hot Toys use cheaper quality than the one used for Hot Toy's Spider-man 3
 Yellow Eyes. Yuck

I have already pre-ordered the new Amazing Spider-man figure. Primary reason why I did not get the first Amazing Spiderman film Hot Toy figure was due to the outfit looking rather scrappy. I particularly did not like the fact that Spidey's eyes were yellow. It is good to see that they have re-made it to the approval of fans for these new movie.

I do hope that the show would be great and that it would meet the expectations built up by the trailer.

For now, I shall bid you all adieu! It has been quite a long post. Till next time, enjoy the show and catch you all later!


  1. Funny Shots!! Haha and I do agree that the last costume doesnt look good. It is a great change for this sequel. However, I am not really a particular fan of this entire reimaging of the Spiderman Story. I can't help but sense that it is just Sony Pictures trying to milk the franchise for what it got so that it can retaint he Spidey distribution rights.

    Just my 5 cents worth :)

  2. Agreed on that Max! Great pics done though! Love it!

  3. Cool Pictures. The Costume for Spider-man was cool! But the Show was alright. I wouldn't say it was FANTASTIC. It was just alright. But that's just my opinion.

  4. Great Article, Great Pictures. Loving the new costume of the sequel but I have to say I did not like the show. I shall not reveal any spoilers other than that.

    Like the stuff you have on this blog!

  5. Hi everyone. Thanks once again for all the fine compliments. I had already watcht he show and I have to agree with you Gabs3209. The show was not up to par. I was quite disappointed on it overall. It felt like some indie teenage romance flick with way to little action, and way too much Peter Parker. Making me feel slightly regretful of Pre-ordering Spiderman.