Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bretonnian Pegasus Knights

It is time for some Fantasy this week!

Today, I shall feature the last work for Warhammer that I have done. After much time, I have finally completed my Pegasus Knights of Bretonnia. So enjoy the pics of my works below!

Many Pegasus Knights hail from the Province of Paragon

 And most of these Knight hail from Rich Families. To ride a pegasus is one of High Stature.

These guys pack quite a punch when it comes to Flying Units. As a Flying Cavalry, its charge increases the strength of the attack. Furthermore, it has armor and has more than one attack. With the greater accessibility as a flying unit, the Pegasus Knights can serve as a great harassing and flanking unit. I decided to go with a more brighter tone of colours and adding more defined highlighting for these Knights.

Layering and Drybrushing the Pegasus was a great joy for me

The Winged Insignia is the Emblem of a Pegasus Knight

Furthermore, the heraldry were painted on rather than using the default decals as none of the decals' colours suited how I painted the Pegasus Knights. On paper, these guys are one of Bretonnia's finest which is why I am considering to paint a few more of them for my Bretonnian Army. On top of that, they look magnificent with their poses.

Charge from Above!!

However, due to time constraint and my lack of enthusiasm on GW plans for Warhammer as a whole, I don't think I will have anymore Warhammer Miniatures for the first half of this year to say the least.

I do apologize to all my Warhammer fans if this disappoint you but I only have so much time and I will be dedicating more time making Modern Military Miniatures and Model Kits whose companies treasure their customers. In fact, while there was a recent update of the Dwarf Army Book, I have not even procure it. Let alone read my Daemon and Warriors of Chaos Army Books. I find it rather strange that every fantasy post pertaining to GW and Warhammer has never been a positive one for quite a while.

Flanking with these guys can be so so deadly. Deadly, yet beautiful

It is quite tragic because my lack lustre interest in Warhammer is primarily arising from the way GW treats their fan base and the exorbitant prices they charge for their products. However, as I have said before, I will continue to do Fantasy Miniatures but not all will be just from GW. Despite my continuous whining about GW, I am still very dependent on their acrylic paints. As such, I can't totally cut them off and not support them. I will give them recognition on their high quality paint. Hopefully, they won't go beyond a certain mark in terms of charging their pants.

In any case, while I would only be showcasing or working on one or two GW miniatures this year, I will still continue to feature interesting Fantasy Miniature news I happen to find.

Thanks once again for reading! You can see the rest of my Pegasus Knights pics on the Toyconstruct facebook page here. Till then, See you all soon!


  1. It has been quite a while since I last visited the blog. Sad to see that you are not going to be doing many Warhammer stuff. I have to agree that GW receives mostly negative comments due to their "sellout" attitude and poor treatment to its core fans. In any case, I am curious as to know what other fantasy figures will you be showcasing?

  2. Great work done on the pegasus knights! Great work on the heraldry and colour code. All in All, can't disagree with your sentiments to GW. Regardless, I do hope you will feature more fantasy stuff. Your works are fantastic!

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanMay 13, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    Nice Paint job as a whole! like how you did the heraldry and wings. Kudos to your sentiments on GW.

  4. Oh well guys, Such is the effect Games Workshop has on me. However, if it is something that is a sustainable business model for them, I have nothing much to say but have a good time establishing their new fan base. Thanks for the compliments on the works too!