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Yukishiro Tomoe

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Today, I shall be featuring Yukishiro Tomoe from Samurai X. As a fan of the TV Series, Manga and Live Action Movie, Yukishiro Tomoe must be a familiar character to all. Tomoe plays a major role in the Manga's Final Arc and is also a critical role in the Samurai X OVA.

Soft Spoken and Demure. Such is Tomoe's Persona.

Born to a Samurai who was a low level bureaucrat that served the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tomoe was the eldest daughter of the family. She had one younger sibling, Enishi, who doted on her and treated her like a surrogate parent due to the death of their mum shortly after Enishi was born. Enishi would later play a critical role in the Final Samurai X OVA, Seisohen.

Tomoe side glances

Her story and how it collides to Kenshin is one that adds great gravitas to Kenshin's philosophy of not killing anymore. As the main lady in his life during his Battousai days, the relationship he had with her was one of great complication.

Sometimes, I feel that it is the sense of irony in a story that makes a story so great. In the case of Tomoe and Kenshin, the latter assasinated the former's fiancee in cold blood due to his duty to his superiors who were people that were part of the Meiji Government. Before dealing the death stroke to Tomoe's fiancee, Kenshin was cut across his cheek for the first time in his career as an assassin. It was the fiancee refusal to let go of his life in hope that he could live it with Tomoe and his resolve that enable him to inflict a cut on Kenshin. A cut which would never heal or stop bleeding. Little known to Kenshin, Tomoe who was stricken with grief for her fiancee was sent to him as part of a plot to assassinate him as repercussion to the blood that he has spilled from the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Simple Kimono in front of a Flower Background. A perfect combination of Floral and Beauty

During the time that she lived with him, it is interesting to know that she began to have feelings for Kenshin and the unlikely love blossoms into something so deep and profound between the two. In the manga, it was clear that Kenshin asked for her hand in marriage in which Tomoe accepted. The relationship between the two lovers grew. Eventually, she admits to him of her purpose of being with Kenshin. And yet all is forgiven by him. In spite of the truth, their feelings for each other were mutual.

But such beauty could not last, Tomoe discovers that she was but a pawn in the entire plot to assassinate Kenshin. She was then used as bait to lure Kenshin into a series of ambush. Ultimately facing Tomoe's father who would have dealt the final blow to the Battousai. However, in a horrific twist of fate, Tomoe protects Kenshin from the father's blow and Kenshin accidentally cut her and the father down.  The tragedy ends of with Tomoe placing another slash over his existing cut to form an "X" which sets precedence to the entire manga/anime being known as Samurai X.

Ah, Tragic Love are but the greatest romance. The Toy Com Samurai X Action Figure of Tomoe truly showcases her getup and features. I really love the accurate detailing of the figure according to how she was illustrated in the OVA. Demure and Soft Spoken, there is a sense of calm that is accurately shown on the face of this figure. And yet there is a sadness in her eyes that the figure accurately portrays of her as she was in the OVA.

Hope all you guys enjoy these figure. Let me know your comments. More Pics of Tomoe in our Facebook page here.

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  1. Amazing shot on these really nicely done anime figure of Samurai X's Tomoe

  2. This toycom figure of Tomoe is simply amazing. Great pic and shot of her!