Friday, May 30, 2014

Batman (Arkham Version by Square Enix)

Hi all,

It is interesting to know that the infamous caped crusader has turn 75 this month. Batman who was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger has been around more years than any of the Marvel Avenger.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I will be featuring one of the many version of Batman across these many years. One of the most coolest Batman in video games has to be Batman from the Arkham series of games.

Fight Mode Activated.

With just the right element of puzzle solving as a detective, the cool gadgets used as Batman and the fight sequence, it makes for a really awesome game. I really do like the fight system in the Arkham series as illustrated in the below video on combat tactics. It really does showcase Batman as a Martial Art Specialist Extraordinaire.

"Batman: Arkham City" - Combat Tactics by MahaloVideoGames
The Dark Knight

One Thing that rings through to the Modern Persona of the Batman is that there is much emphasis on the grit and fear of his symbolism to criminals. Batman isn't the super wholesome hero like many other heroes that we know of. He is the night, he is terror. And like Melisandre would say in Game of Thrones, "The Night is Dark and Full of Terror." This terror is enhanced by the criminal's own guilt conscience.

Batman and his iconic Batarang.

It is this mix of terror and vigilant justice that has made Batman such an icon today. In fact, the re-imaging of him to be mold from these two factors that made him grittier and so much more appealing today. From Tim Burton's Batman to the Dark Knight series by Christopher Nolan, the Batman story in the movies had also focus on these characteristics to be a hit success on screen.

The Dark Night watches over the City

In retrospect of the Batman Legacy, The Caped Crusader is somewhat of a Modern Time Zorro. Perhaps much of the inspiration of Batman could be derived from that classic vigilante. On the topic of the Bats, I am sure many of you are aware that Zack Snyder has picked Ben Affleck to be the new face of Batman. Many of the fans are not too please with the pick and are quite concern that Ben would not be able to pull it off due to his less than exceptional portrayal of Daredevil. There are also some concerns that he just isn't the right fit to be the Bats. And with Christian Bale's exceptional performance as Batman, the shoes he has to fill in place of the previous Dark Knight are quite big.

Nevertheless, I feel we must give the new Batman a chance. I too was quite adverse to Zack's pic of Ben. And I was quick to judge. But I think many were also quick to judge Heath Ledger as the Joker before the Dark Knight movie came out. I would be thoroughly impress if Ben can change our opinions and pull off this role well. What say you guys? Do you think Ben can do well? He was impressive in Argo. Perhaps that can count to him being able to pull this role off? Let us in on your thoughts!

The Face of Vigilance

Onto the Action Figure review, Square Enix has done an awesome job in making Batman: Arkham's Asylum Action Figure. The famous video game developer, publisher and distribution company also has a knacked for creating really exceptional quality action figures (e.g Halo and Mass Effect) and they really nailed it on this figure too.  After completing the Arkham Asylum game, I was really impress and captivated at the whole gameplay and the game persona in Batman. As such, I decided to source out and get the DC Direct Batman Figure. Quite honestly, the figure look pretty good too. 

However, Josh found out about Square Enix version of the Arkham's Batman and recommended it to me. Consequently, I was impressed at the articulation and quality of the work. DC Directs Figure of the same game paled in comparison.

I have more pictures of the Dark Knight here on our Facebook Page. Do let us know if DC Direct can compare with Square Enix the Dark Knight.

Till next time, Happy 75th Anniversary to Batman!!


  1. Wow, 75 years of batman already? That is something! Nice post Jiaqi~!

  2. Wow. What an amazing piece by Square Enix. I think it looks way better than the DC Direct version. Can't wait to get my hands on Arkham Knight and play as the dark Knight!

  3. This is a totally sweet Batman figure. Can't see your page album though. And I can't wait to play Arkham's Knight too. The fighting for these series of games are really just breathtaking.

  4. Arkham Knight looks really epic! Thanks all for the great comments. @Landon, Glad to know you like the Square Enix Figure!