Saturday, June 7, 2014

BMO (Beemo) from Adventure Time

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The weekend is around the corner and if there is one place I wanna go to on a weekend, it would be the Land of Ooo from Adventure Time which brings me to today's feature, BMO!

Offline Mode in his package

BMO is the trusted, loyal and helpful friend of the two main characters, Jake and Finn in Adventure Time. 

"Football, I will teach you all the things there is to be a real boy"

This cute little fellow has its weird quirks. While the main plot focuses on the main characters, you can't help but be curious as to how BMO sees the world and what it does while Jake and Finn are off adventuring. There are a few episodes which focus on the half-Macintosh half-Game Boy Color Robot which are just as entertaining as the other Adventure Time episodes.

BMO Chills

Aside from helping Jake and Finn with the household chores, BMO also serves as Finn and Jake's Video Game console.

 BMO isn't too happy with falling down

While BMO is a Robot, it does show many signs of emotion and has great feelings of care and love to Finn and Jake. It also has a great imagination and has its own adventures within and outside of the treefort.

BMO and the Tree Fort

While it has taken me quite some time to feature stuff from Adventure Time, I have been into the Cartoon Series since the start of 2012. The Adventure Time Story created by Pendleton Ward is definitely an animation series that has reignite my days of loving action cartoons from the 90s. While it has a very different feel and touch to the action cartoons of yester years, there's a nice combination of zaniness, childish fun and a subtle maturity in plot that really gets to me. There is a faint semblance of the Never-ending Story in Adventure Time that draws me but it is but one of the many factors that makes this show so awesome. I do not know how to explain this but this show connects to me more than the modern action cartoons that I see on Cartoon Network. And while Marvel still produces pretty neat cartoon series and animation, Adventure Time is one of its kind in our post millennium era of cartoons.

For those who like Adventure Time, Pray tell what draws you to this show.

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Stay tune as there will be more Adventure Time Stuff and more Toyconstruct Posts!


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  3. Man, BMO is really cute and awesome! Love how he is like in Adventure Time! Great Pics man!

  4. BMO is awesome! Do like watching Adventure time. If you have BMO, do you also have Finn? I do agree that Adventure Time has some essence of the Never-ending story. And it has a great plot and flow of the cartoon.