Friday, June 13, 2014

Kirov Battlecruiser

Hi and we are back to Modern Military!

Today I shall be featuring my biggest completed Modern Warship to date. It is also the Biggest Cruiser or Battlecruiser in the World. Previously, I have shown the GHQ Micronaut 1/2400 scale version of it. This time round, I give you the Kirov Class Battlecruiser that is 1/700 or more than 3 times bigger than the last one shown.

 Kirov cruiser on the Sea

 The Ship is huge. It is so big that I do not have any diorama set or background that could be use in conjunction with taking the full picture of the Battlecruiser.

 Pyotr Veliky Kirov Class Cruiser

With a little bit of imagination, I used a blue cloth and some haphazard photo-editing to showcase this model in its full glory with some semblance of a diorama.

 Back Side of Pyotr Veliky

Acquiring this Model Kit from a local hobby store a long while back, I never really had the time to actually build it. Eventually, I got a local painting service to do the honors and help assemble and paint this Giant. I did contribute to doing some major a touch up and extra paint on certain details of the ship.

Side view of the Behemoth

The Model Kit is from Dragon which still produces the best Modern Warships in the market. The model truly showcase the naval power of Russia.

The Icon of Russian Naval Military Power

Speaking of Russian Naval Power, it is quite known that the Russians have been flexing their military might with recent events in Ukraine. The conflict between Pro-Ukraine and Pro-Russian groups have been an issue that is laden with complexities. Over the months, even with the supplemental knowledge given by news reports, it is hard to tell whether majority of the populace in contested regions are for annexation to Russia or more believe in a United Ukraine.

Anyone has any theories and views on this matter? One thing is quite clear. In the most unlikely event that Ukraine were to go into an all out war with Russia, they would be out manned, out gun and most definitely out matched. However, guerrilla warfare in urban areas would tip the advantage slightly back to Ukraine. Fortunately, the situation does not look to escalate to that point.

In any case, I do hope you readers enjoy the post and like the model kit pictures. There are more in picture of the Kirov class battle cruiser in the album here. Lastly, stay tune for more Modern Military Models to come!



  1. Beautiful model! You have to love the Kirov!

  2. Amazing piece of work! Great Kirov!

  3. Yea Steven, The Kirov is a magnificent beast of a ship!. Thanks for the compliments too Killers :)

  4. Great pics of the Mighty Pyotr Velikiy! Jiaqi, you do know how to make both mini size and mega size Modern Warship models. As for the conflict in Ukraine, My opinion does not differ much from yours. So much of the truth is stil la fog. The opinions on the conflict are of extreme ends. The western and Russian take on the matter. However, I feel that Russia did not handle the annexation in a constitutional manner. The bringing of troops into land that is Ukraine is an act of foreign intervention that was not substantiated.

  5. Great pic! The Kirov is a reminder that Russia is still a formidable Blue Water Navy of the world. As for the conflict in Ukraine, I am of the view that Russia has made most use of the situation to call in Military Intervention. It isn't something that they have the right to do. Even if people would want to annex their state to a neighboring country, i doubt it was necessary to bring in military forces unless there were cause for Russia to be concern that Ukraine would put down the state for their decision. That is all on the assumption that the referendum to be annex to Russia can be verified as legitimate.

  6. Amazing work on the Kirov Battlecruiser!

  7. Hi Shen and RedChina, I do agree with your points on this matter. Tension between Ukraine and Russia are still raw and ever present. And the conflict isn't fully resolve. It is interesting to see how this pans out. However, for now, at the very least, there is no conflict escalation to the matter which is a good thing.