Saturday, April 26, 2014

Voltron (The Game)

Today, Toyconstruct brings you back into the 90s.

And Voltron is definitely something in that era. The era of Action Cartoons comprising Superheroes and Robots. Lots of Awesomely cool Robots! Among which, Voltron, Defender of the Universe is one of them.

It was one of those days where I felt like getting something nerdy and cool and I just so happen to browse around my local hobby shop and stumbled upon the Voltron, Defenders of the Universe Monsterpocalypse Game.

The Classic Lion Version Voltron

Just so you know, Voltron was the early 90s staple cartoon in my childhood. While I was into the cartoon in those days, I didn't really compile much facts on the robot except for knowing that 5 badass Lions combine to one awesome looking robot kicking ass and defeating all its enemies. Admittedly, I didn't follow the cartoon episode by episode as I didn't really know the timings for the tv series which so happen to be on a foreign broadcasting channel.

Voltron duels with Lo-tron

Similar to Gundam and Transformers, Voltron was created by the Japanese in the mid 1980s. And in my opinion, is the first famous "combined various pieces to form a massive robot" concept. In fact, I feel that it is the forefather of all future "Megazord" type Robots.

Voltron's Arch Nemesis, Lo-tron or Doom-tron

Derived from Robeast and like Voltron, Lo-tron would be the response from Beast King Golion  to fight Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance.

Lo-tron, Super Robot of the Drule Empire

These photoshoot was done in collaboration with Josh

Thanks to Josh's awesome macro Lens and his help, I was able to come up with these awesome pictures. The Macro lens really brings out the awesomeness of these figures.

Galaxy Alliance Ships

It is always iconic to see these good guys get down and gritty against the Drule Empire Skeleton Space ships in full out space wars. Amidst the massive scale battle, you would see Voltron and his adversary as the centre piece of it all. Similar to the cartoon, Privateer Press had come up with the Voltron Tabletop game that involves two players pitting for victory and taking the side of Voltron and Lo-tron respectively.

The Lion Force as Individual Lions

I have not had the chance to be able to play the tabletop game due to the many pending tasks I have to do. However, I am told that the gameplay is the same as Monsterpocalypse.


Seperate Robeasts forming the components that make Lo-tron.

Full out Fight! 

It is said that Voltron is about as big as an Aircraft Carrier. That being said, there is always some truth in the saying of "Size does Matter". And with the success of Pacific Rim involving gargantuan robots fighting colossal kaiju monsters, there is something about Robots and Monsters that bring the child in every geeky adult. Nothing speaks epic block buster like Humungous Robots and Monsters.

Speaking of big-assery and Pacific Rim, another classic monster shall be hittng the big screen real soon. For those who don't already know, the reimaging of Godzilla shall be hitting theaters on 16 May and the trailer below looks pretty darn promising.


Now wouldn't it be super awesome to see Voltron take on Godzilla? In fact, Guillermo del Toro expressed enthusiasm for a potential crossover between Godzilla and del Toro's Pacific Rim but stressed that no such plans are in place. Gareth Edwards, director of Godzilla is intending for the Godzilla film to be a standalone so we might not get what we want from this idea.

Nevertheless, know in terms of massive Robots, we have Voltron as one of the inspiration to thank.

I leave with the Theme Video of Voltron. And be sure to check out our FB Album page on all the Voltron Miniature from the Privateer Press, Voltron: Defenders of the Universe Game here.

Once again, Special thanks to Josh for helping me on this shoot. Let me know how you guys find the pics and any memories in relation to Voltron.



  1. Nice Looking Miniatures of Voltron!

    Godzilla trailer does look awesome too. Looking very promising compared to the previous US version. Great pics Jiaqi. Speaking of Josh, haven't seen him or any posts from him? Hiatus much? =P

    In any case, great shots guys!

  2. Those are some great shots by you guys! And it would be super awesome to see a Pacific Rim/Godzilla crossover!

  3. The new Godzilla makes the old US Version one look like a baby. Oh and Hey guys! Great Voltron Pictures!

  4. Thanks for the compliments again guys! @chaoslurker, Josh will be back soon enough! Guy is busy with exams. Life does get a hold of each and everyone of us now and then. :p