Sunday, April 20, 2014

The M2A3 Bradley

Oh dear me, how time has got the better of us all.

Almost a third of the year has passed and I have only finished cleaning all my collectibles and their respective compartments. (Well, I do have huge collections of various stuff)

Regardless, I am behind time on doing many models and miniatures but will try my best to finish all on time. At the moment, working to concurrently complete the 1/700 Modern US fighter jets and some M-ATV as you may have noticed on the sidebar on project I am working on. Furthermore, as mentioned before, I am intending to post more this year compared to before.

I will most definitely put up lots more stuff this year with many new surprises for Toyconstruct.

For now, I shall be featuring one of the main categories of this blog. And it would be none other than the Modern Military Section. Ironically, this would be the first Modern Military post for the year. What with the MarvelHero madness for the start of the year, we have been focusing more on Action Figures. Nevertheless, I shall be showcasing some pictures of the M2A3 Bradley by Dragon Armor.

 The M2A3 IFV. Capable of carrying 6 Men and Packing firepower to rip through squads of infantrymen.

In service since 1981, this mean machine is already in its early 30s. The newest of the M2 version of the Bradley would be the M2A3. Dragon Armor has provided a detailed 1/72 collectible complete with up armor that makes the M2A3 look really impressive.

Nothing speaks America and Freedom like an M2A3 rolling down the Desert Road with an Eagle in the background.

 Did you know that M2 Bradleys had fire port with which Infantry could fire from. All within the protection and confines of the vehicle. However, with the commonality of the M2A3 putting up extra armour kits, these fire ports are often covered up. In any case, 6 fireports were reduced to two from the older version of the M2 to the M2A3. On the perspective of  reviewing the M2A3 model, it would be vital to note that unlike my previous showcase of Dragon Armour, The Challenger II Tank shown in 2011, this M2A3 is made from plastic.

Dragon Armour is pretty good with 1/72 Ready Made Models

 Despite being different material from the Challenger II, the quality and detail have not been compromised. The vehicle looks like a beau.

Named after General Omar Bradley, this war machine main armament is its 25mm M242 chain gun.

 While no matched for the Main Battle Tank in armour or firepower, the Bradley still can hold its own with its TOW anti-tank missiles.

 The IFV still remains relevant in Modern Urban Warfare. Providing fire support and troop transport, the M2A3 is a vehicle to be reckon with.

Alert on the Highway

Like the M1 Abram, the M2 Bradley caught my eye in one of the first RTS games I had played when I was a primary school kid. The game was none other than Command and Conquer. Dubbed as the light tank under the link here, it was the main armour of choice for the mid game missions under the Brotherhood of Nod.

Ahh the good old days.. I am not sure if i have said this before, but what made me get more involved in Modern Military would be the great influence that the Original Westwood Command & Conquer had on me. In any case, after I delve more into Modern Military, it became more clear to me that the light tank was a wrong classification to the M2A3 and Infantry Fighting Vehicle was a more suitable term.

Hope you guys like the pictures and there are more of the Dragon Armour M2A3 in our Toyconstruct Facebook Page as shown in this album here.

Do let me know if CnC had any influence into you getting into Military Model Kits and Modern Warfare.

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  1. Awesome pictures! The M2A3 Bradley by Dragon Armour is looking real good under your lens. Good to know you are working on quite a few modern military stuff! Looking to see mroe of your GHQ miniatures!

  2. Not so much into military stuff, but this looks really great. Was fun helping you out for this, and love how the pictures turned out! (;

    1. Thanks babe for the help! Always a joy to have you assist me in my nerdy affairs!

  3. @Shen, I do hope to accomplish all that I have set out to do. Additionally, I would love to make more awesome models and more blog posts than last year! Thanks for your compliments!

  4. Finally! Some Modern Military! Great to see you back at it again. This is an awesome photoshoot you have done with Natasha! Dragon armor is defintely the go to guy for 1/72 Armor!

    Hope to see more Modern Military soon!

  5. Good to see some awesome Armor again! Wonderful pictures taken! I must also agree with RedChina. Dragon Armor never fails when it comes to ready-made 1/72 armor!

    Good post!

  6. Brilliant work on the pictures! You guys definitely started the year late for Modern Military in 2014! keep it coming!

  7. Wicked pictures! I for one will look forward to seeing your own personal modern military works!

  8. @Nat, And I hope I do not disappoint :p

    Thanks everyone for the compliments!