Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bloodletters of Khorne

Good Day to all of you again!

As previously mentioned, we have been on a hiatus for quite awhile. It has been so long that I have forgotten as to whether I may have featured or publish posts that I might have mistakenly post before.

Nevertheless, we are back to our old regular ways of posting more awesome geeky posts. I assure you that there will be more to come and I plan to at the very least post more than the past previous two years and get you guys into reading more of our features.

For today, I am going to feature my recent accomplishment in Warhammer.

Have a look at my Bloodletters of Khorne!

Regiment of Khorne

While these daemons are simple enough to paint due to its one colour get-up. I decided to do much layering and blend many shades of red and orange together. Furthermore, I thought giving the flaming backdrop for these minions of Khorne would provide a more terrifying atmosphere to showcase their power.

Bloodletter Champion: Bloodreaper

In my opinion, among all minions of Chaos, the Bloodletters are the most menacing core minions of them all. I am also always enchanted by their Hellblades which have the Killing Blow ability that proviides a great deal of POW to a battle.

The Blood Reaper is given a special base in which I made from green stuff. Essentially, the Champion walks on fire.

Bloodletter of Khonre scans for challengers

The Notoriety of the Hellblade

The Pinnacle of Fear in the Hearts of Men

It has been quite a long while since I last put my various armies to battle. And with Warhammer being much more alienated from its community, it has given me less impetus and motivation to want to get updated and play the current game. Furthermore, with the new updates on the Daemons of Chaos, the Bloodletters of Khorne have become a little less scary with the higher cost of fielding them and the drop in strength. It seems that without their herald, they aren't as powerful as before

The Sculpt looks scary and I am hoping my paintjob makes them even more menacing. But on paper, they seem like...paper.

Despite all the downright bummer aspect of the company, the cost of keeping updated and playing the game, I still have a liking for fantasy miniatures. Having been collecting, assembling and painting these guys for 13 years or so, I have a special place in my heart for these guys.

And while I may be less of a gamer, I will still from time to time, get a few miniatures to paint. In fact, it is due to painting my fantasy miniatures that have enabled my skills in drawing and painting to improve. Through that, I am able to transfer these skills into drawing better stuff and painting better for my military models too.

Till next time, please enjoy the rest of my Bloodletter on our facebook page album here.



  1. hawaiiwarhammerfanApril 6, 2014 at 12:31 AM

    Gamer or not, These are really well painted! Great stuff Jiaqi! Great shots too! Two thumbs up!

  2. Amazing job on the painting and assembling! I like your background too!

  3. Sweet Figures!!! Good to know that Miniature painting has made you become better in your painting skills! Would love to see more soon!

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys! @hawaiiwarhammerfan, yeah, hung my gamer boots for warhammer fantasy games for quite along while. @Yur, it is so true. After much painting Fantasy miniatures, my paint skills have improved even for my modern military kits. @Desolater, Backgrounds are everything! :)

    You guys do stay tune for more awesome stuff!


  5. Good to see new updates! Great to see Chaos! Brilliant Work in the paintjob and the post!