Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patrick Boivin and Hot Toys

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Some of us are probably aware of Hot Toys, a HK-based toy company that is perhaps best known for their sick (and pricey) 1/6 figures. They have worked with a number of movie studios and even video game companies to produce licensed figures that look really accurate and life-like.

Sometime ago, Hot Toys released their take of Hans Landa of Inglorious Basterds, admittedly one of the classiest and most brutal villains to grace the silver screen. If you ask me, it's one really really awesome figure and I wish I had seen the movie...which might be heresy to some of you :P If I did watch Inglorious Basterds, I'll probably think about actually getting Hans Landa!

Hot Toy's 1/6 Hans Landa, which would put you back by about 150USD.

Real-life Hans Landa.

This post's mainly about Patrick Bolvin, a stop-motion wizard who has made a series of fantastic videos of various toys...such as "AT-AT Day" and now he's also worked with some of Hot Toys 1/6 figures. For one, Bolvin's videos are a really good advertisement for Hot Toys, the figures not only looked great, but were really flexible as Bolvin really pushed their posing in very energetic sequences! I imagine it takes him a lot of time to actually make a single video clip.

Here's a video that shows how he actually does it, which is really fascinating stuff.

Also, here are some of the videos I found on youtube, all for your viewing pleasure! The last one is different from the rest, which is an interesting concept of an interactive have to click at certain times for it to progress.

Black Widow Gone Wild:

Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee:

Ninjas Unboxing a Phone:

Interactive Joker vs. Batman Hip Hop Dance Competition:


  1. Joshua, you haven't watched Inglorious Bastards?
    Hmm you must.. Hans Landa is really a great villain. Better yet, the award must go to the Actor acting him.

    Really a Charmer, yet so cunning and fearful.

    Hence, my choice of him being the Greatest Villain ;)

  2. Ahh Patrick Boivin.
    Have been a fan of his works since he started Stop animation.

    Josh and all, YOu should see his youtube channel, Not only is his stop motion so professionally done. He directs many short films that are pretty artistic and interesting.

    Go Check it out guys :)

  3. Hi guys!! Long time no see all!
    I have to agree with Jiaqi on this...
    Patrick Boivin is a pretty famous stop-motion and film maker.

    Wicked part is his ability to make the stop-motion so flawless, it makes Robot Chicken Stop motion look like child's play.

    A true talented professional.

  4. Really awesome Stop motion from this Guy!!
    COol stuff!

  5. Awesome motion videos. And yeah he is pretty darn famous in Youtube.
    While he doesn't do this enough, I can't wait to see what would be his next stop motion project after the Black Widow one.

  6. I have always liked HOT TOYS stuff.
    Their action figures are so detailed. Even the faces of the people are sculpted to an uncanny likeness and realistic manner. It's almost creepy.