Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Online...More than Meets the Eye

Hey Everyone

First off, thank you very very very much for your kind patience and it's about time to get the posts up and running again! It was hard to get it back up, one point to take note if you're taking shots of toys: WATCH OUT FOR DUST!!! They ruined some of my shots and I had to retake some of 'em...scotch tape works well at removing dust, provided it is done gently on toys/figures/minis.

So I did take some shots recently, and will be posting roughly once a week. JQ is going through a massive transition in life with getting into the career side of life pretty soon. He may be making moo-lah, but he sure would have less time for painting!

So for the first post, we're gonna have Hasbro's version of the F-15 Eagle Decepticons (as made infamous by Starscream), the character Acid Storm. Truth be told, I always wanted one of those F-15 bots really bad as they looked really sexy. Both as transformers and as F-15 fighter planes...the closest I got was actually getting a broken version, but I finally got one from Wal-Mart! Call me a geek.

Close-up shot of Acid Storm's face.

Acid Storm is from the 1st Generation Series, a member of the "Rainmakers" group of flying Decepticons, I think he's supposed to be able to spread acid rain clouds all over the sky...sounds like "subtle" environmentalism here.

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle...

According to the Transformers wiki, Acid Storm is known for this intelligence and charisma, but prefers to stay out of the limelight. If you ask me, I really prefer the designs from the original Transformers series compared to the new ones in the Michael Bay movies, they look much more iconic to me...such as the F-15 Starscream vs. F-22 Starscream. Of course, I can't deny some of the new transformers look cool, like Optimus Prime and Barricade (in my opinion)...

Taking aim with huge-ass missiles.

One thing about this 1st-Generation was kinda hard to pose this Acid Storm for the shots you see, the arms have limited articulation probably due to the blocky-ness of the arm design. Just looking back at how we grew up with these old-school transformers and seeing the new ones today makes me feel kinda old, and happy to have grown up with them.

Transformers FTW!!!


  1. hawaiiwarhammerfanApril 1, 2011 at 4:14 AM

    It is really really good to see you guys back on the ball for Toyconstruct.

    Miss the action and the things here. Even if it isn't warhammer.

    Keep it going strong guys :)

    Great to see you back to Joshua!

  2. Welcome back Josh and Toyconstruct! great to see everything going again!!

    Josh, liking the Transformer and the way you took this shot. One more thing to add is that I do like your diorama of the Buildings behind.

    Way to Go!

  3. Ahh the old F-15 Starscream is a great classic compared to the ugly looking one from Michael Bay's Film.

    No offense to the new Transformers at all.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong. So is this Starscream or Acid Storm.. Never heard of acid storm.

    Don't think this is the actual colour in the default show if it turns out to be Starscream

  5. Nice Photographic Skills Joshua. Good as always and Diorama is awesome!


  6. Finally guys!!! and Nice Picture Josh.. Great to see you and Toyconstruct back!

  7. Great blog. Great Transformer fig. Great Photo taking!

  8. Thanks for your kind words!

    @ Jake, it's Acid Storm...more or less a re-paint of Starscream and otherwise little-known transformer.

    The diorama came from an anime-like painting of Caprica city.

  9. Sweet. Thanks for the info... Great stuff Josh.. Always!