Sunday, March 20, 2011

Many Apologies

To all the readers out there, I offer my most sincerest apologies.
It has been more than the amount of time I have said in terms of the hiatus of these blog.
Things have been very very busy for Joshua. Furthermore, I have so much to sort out in my life, I barely have time to sit down and recuperate.

I shall not go on and on about what has been holding me up but I must say that World Affairs have also played some part in it. If you all have not known by now, Japan has suffered from a very disastrous earthquake and it has affected many people in the land of the rising sun. While I shall not elaborate on how that was a significance to me, for those who feel that humanity in you to do something, please do donate and help out in the relief effort in Japan.

It is important that we show our compassionate side when people need help.

Other than that, I am entering a new phase of my life and that has taken a lot of time. I am still in the midst of it, but I can safely say that Toyconstruct will be back to business soon with more great post and great topics to share.

I apologize for the delays but Joshua and I will get back to it asap!

Thanks for all the concern, support and interest in Being geeks and nerds like Me and Josh.



  1. Ahh yes, Japan's earthquake is bad.
    I experienced it.

    Thanks for caring.
    And looking forward to all your posts again Toyconstruct!

  2. No worries yer guys.. And I hope all is well with you, hiko. I have been seeing the news about Japan, and while the situation is bad, I hope you are safe and sound.

    All the best Toyconstruct too!

  3. Good to see everything coming back soon!
    Its been awhile but yeah glad to see Toyconstruct alive and kicking.

  4. We are all still waiting and supporting this awesome blog! Cheeryos!

  5. Good to see you back guys and getting on with the blog.

    Will also be looking forward to the posts.
    Good luck guys!