Sunday, April 24, 2011

Captain Kisuke Urahara

Greetings Again, Many thanks to Joshua and his many great posts,

I am back today to feature some anime stuff. I have yet to take pictures of other things but rest assured, there will be more awesome posts. As for Warhammer, I will give you a rundown of what I have been doing and more. And as Joshua mention, I definitely have gotten the Warhammer bug... Just wanting MORE and MORE.. :p

As for now, it is back to some more Bleach Anime PVC Figures again.

This time round, It is Captain Kisuke Urahara. Known to be the ominous stall owner in Karakura Town that helps Ichigo in his adventures as a Death God, fans of the anime will finally get to realize that he use to be one of the Captains of the Death God Squad many many years ago.

His Sword or "Zanpukto" is called Benihime. While he has yet to show his "Bankai", it can be safe to say that Urahara has lots of skill and power that have not been shown in the anime. I am pretty sure he is not a character that is a walkover against enemies.

While he dresses really shabbily in the anime, back when he was a Captain as shown in this pictures, he looks pretty awesome and cool.

And to showcase how powerful he is, this is a video showing him and Yoruichi fighting against the Arrancar and saving Ichigo and his friends.

I really gotta admire the quality and workmanship by Bandai... The figure is clean, detailed and high quality. Wierdly enough though, many of the same figures I have seen around various shops do not have the same high quality standard and the PVC or plastic looks a little deformed or dirty in various parts. It could be because they were either not original or not in mint condition.

Still haven't got a camera yet, but I definitely got much more to showcase soon

Till then, Cheers!!


  1. Great Figure and Great Shot on Captain Urahara.
    He is a pretty cool dude among the many characters in Bleach.

  2. It just occured to me that if u cut all the rehash clips that they keep on putting on every new episodes, minus all the stupid side stories. Bleach would be a pretty cool show.

  3. Totally Agree!!..

    Good news though, After not watching Bleach for so long, I decided to catch up and avoid allt he filler episodes...

    And well... It is looking pretty awesome.. HAHA

  4. Haven't seen updates for so long..
    Now that I return, I see so many cool action figures and Animes featured.

    Reaally great stuff. Liking the Bishouju by Joshua and the Transformer too!!

    Kisuke Urahara is also pretty cool! One of my favourite Bleach Character!

  5. MAn, Ulquirroa was so powerful in this clip.

    TOo bad, Ichigo and his outrageous power ups just makes every cool villain not that great anymore.

  6. Well, on the brightside, Ichigo was totally useless against Aizen.
    And General Captain freaking awesome. His Power is amazing!