Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Ticonderoga Class VLS from GHQ

Good day to everyone and We are finally back online.

Many Thanks to Josh for posting a few before I could get mine up. Its been pretty much LIFE overwhelming me lots. While I don't see LIFE backing down.. and I would probably be consumed by work and other stuff, Toyconstruct will GO ON entertaining you readers.

For starters, I am sorry for the slow start-up. I do not have my own camera now (due to some misfortune of getting pickpocketed in Paris), And it has been difficult to get one with the strain on my finances. As such, I would be using my friend's camera to do my next batch of pics to show you all.

In addition, I am trying to organize the format of all my pictures. With the current models, miniatures and toys available for feature, I have completed pretty much just naval stuff for my modern military models. As for Warhammer, I need to step up in terms of constructing new models.

But don't worry, Josh and I will be giving it our all.

For now I shall proceed in showing you the next batch of ships from GHQ that I have completed.

Behold, The Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser. While I believe that I have mentioned before about the stats on this ship (Modern Military Blog), the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser has been the mainstay in the Modern Naval Fleet of USA for two decades or more. It is also the first Cruiser Class to revert back to Petrol Fuel from the Nuclear "CGN" times.

Recently though, there have been plans to replaced these Ticonderoga VLS Cruisers with the Arleigh Burke Flight III serving as the new Flagship Cruisers of the US Navy.

The new Arleigh Burke Flight III that is slated to be built to replace the Ticonderoga Cruisers was pretty much a secondary plan due to the fact that rising cost from the CG(X) programme and the Zumwalt-class Destroyers.

Here we see the fleet of Ticonderoga Cruisers and Arleigh Burke Flight I Destroyers cruising in the sea. You got to admire the detail that is painstakingly put into the sculpt and mold of these ships by GHQ.

With these ship all lined up beautifully, I have only a missing Aircraft Carrier to form my Carrier Battle Group.

But don't worry. That will be coming soon ;)

Other than that, I should be removing my chatbox soon as there are many weird spams on it. So conversations and comments shall be put on each separate post soon. More to come my dear readers, and thanks for being patient on the long wait.



  1. Great work and detail on the ships...
    Really good painting man.
    And Welcome back all to writing on Toyconstruct.
    Missed the nice models in here..

  2. Welcome back Jiaqi and Josh.

    Great to see all the stuff. And since I am more of a military fan, I like these posts better.

    Great work on the details of such small ships.

    Well done again Jiaqi and Toyconstruct!

  3. Welcome back all. Great Naval Ships.
    And don't worry. I don't mind just seeing naval ships for a while. HAHAHA

    ;) Cheers to All.. and Glad to see Toyconstruct back :)

  4. Fantastic paintjob with fantastic models and Terrific photo shot.

    Man, you got it all right Jiaqi! ;)

    Really like your naval stuff.

  5. Welcome back! Nice naval ships.
    Do you have the JMSDF Kongo or Atago class ship in that scale?

  6. They don't really have small scale for Atago class destroyers. But Viking Forge, a miniature company do make Kongo class.

    Haven't got it yet, But I plan to, so that I can make it. ;)

  7. Nice range of ship models. Welcome back to life too Toyconstruct!

  8. A real great display of Warships.. :) Awesome stuff!