Sunday, May 8, 2011

Transformers 3

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well and thanks for dropping by at toyconstruct! Today, I will be featuring an 'artsy' shot of Barricade of Transformers fame:

Barricade, Saleen S281E Police Car mode.

I did it with inspiration from the coming Transformers 3 attempt at making a "reveal" shot of a partially shrouded Barricade in police car mode, only to realize/remember that he actually died by the hands of Optimus Prime :/ Oh wells, you could consider this a little tribute to Barricade haha...

IMO, he's one of the better looking transformers from the Michael Bay movies. I kinda like the Saleen police car mode more than the robot mode, I haven't gotten used to the new bug-like robot style design. Below's the trailer for the upcoming Transformers 3 movie for those who are interested:

Well, Transformers 2 did disappoint me I am not sure how good a movie the next one would be. Transformers 2 appeared to be more of a commercial product aimed at making tons of money, crude jokes, awesome explosions, Megan Fox, glorification of college party scenes...all tied together with a poor storyline.

Of course you can call me a stickler, but I guess making money is more important than making a movie that challenges norms or even 'reinvent' their sources. This might be the growing trend among sci-fi/comic book movies trying to satisfy more profitable tastes. I haven't watched Thor yet, but a NYT review actually found it a "triumph of commercial calculation over imagination".

I guess it's pretty obvious that movie studios are out there to make $$$, since it makes sure they stay afloat and make their investors happy. It simply doesn't make good business sense to make an awesome movie that can only be appreciated by a few (aka geeks, nerds, hardcore fans...Empire Strikes Back comes to mind). If you do watch Thor, do wait till the end to see some teaser about an upcoming Avengers movie. Truth be told, movies like the Dark Knight appear to be the minority in the steadily growing body of comic book-to-movie adaptations.

Coming in 3-D in Feb '12, Jar Jar Binks at your service.

Here's another example of shameless $$$-making: Lucasfilm is busy making 3-D remakes of the prequel Star Wars movies. To me, superior effects do not make crappy movies any better. Of course, you are free to disagree with me...George Lucas is known to emphasize technical detail in his movies so the 3-D effects *might* be one of the best on screen.


  1. When I think Transformers... I think.. Chevrolet and everything cliche about American Culture too.

    Hahaha but that is what Michael Bay is..
    As for Thor, I don't think there was much of a commercial nature to it.

    There wasn't any in UR FACE brand advertisements. Of course, I could be wrong or my mind sub-consciously blocked every advert out of my mind.

  2. It's an Irony that George Lucas created Star Wars only to destroyed the franchise.. with his muddling of the story.

    nice Jar Jar Binks poster.

  3. It's is funny how movie productions can believe 3D means big bugs. Certainly, there is evidence of many movie producers losing the main plot of making a GOOD show with GOOD plot for stupid effects.

  4. When I was watching the Transformer's movie, I got really confused about Barricades allegiance in the thick of the fight.

    Probably because he transforms to a "Cop" car...

  5. I must say that nowadays.. we have two extremes. The commercial epic blockbusters that have no content in it.. And the really off the normal road and into the jungle track of anti-normal indie trippy films..

    Obviously, it is about getting the right mix between this two.. to make a great movie.

    Perhaps because everything now is about calculated risk due to budget and the cost of CGI and everything, it can really turn people off as the film rubs of such an effect on viewers.

    I seem to have dtracted myself from what I am answering.. :S