Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Hammer Time

Good day to all!

It's been quite a while and without the help of Joshua's awesome posts, I could not get toyconstruct to the best that it could be.

Finally though, It's Warhammer time again! Many apologies though. I can recall that I said I would promise providing pictures of the various things I have been involved inside the Warhammer Community. Unfortunately, I don't have any, and work has kinda taken me away from my hobbies by quite a bit.

But let's get back to what we do best.

Today, I shall be featuring my Chaos Knights! These figures that were painted by Paintedfigs was a gift to me by Joshua for my 23rd birthday. Furthermore, these are the new edition Chaos Knights. Not only do they look cooler than the older edition, they are cheaper than the previous edition. (One of the only few units that got cheaper due to the conversion from metal to plastic)

Blood for the Blood God!

With the revision of the Chaos armies being separated into Warriors and Daemons, Chaos Knights became a little more powerful compared to their old stats.

I really like the detail painted by Paintedfigs on the shield of this particular knight. Daemon skin and weird chaos apparels make these Knights more fearsome than any other cavalry unit in Warhammer.

Playing Warriors of Chaos in a few matches in my local Warhammer club, I get to realize the power and tenacity of these Knights and the damage they can cause on a charge.

What makes them more cooler is their Lances that look like blades carved out from the blood of many.

And here we have the standard bearer, wielding the sign of chaos to notify the doom their enemies will face...

These models are also apparently slightly bigger than the old edition Chaos Knights which make them look all the more terrifying. I gotta say, this is another quality paint job by Paintedfigs.

On the topic of paint jobs, I have been "outsourcing" my Warhammer painting and assembling to painting services. This is due to the fact that I have started working and find it harder for myself to dedicate the time to paint or assemble new armies that I want to play in a short period of time. I do not really make things easier for myself as I am on a Warhammer craze in which I wanna build up 2 more armies apart from the current Bretonnian and Warriors of Chaos army. (Dwarves!! and Daemons of Chaos)

However, I have not entirely given up on the model making and painting aspect of Warhammer. After all, it is my mainstay hobby and I still take great joy in painting and assembling model kits and miniatures. One thing has been changing in terms of the dynamics of my Nerdy hobbies. And that is, Warhammer seems to be taking over in terms of the amount of painted models I make and churn out as compared to my Modern Military Model kits and miniatures. While size and scale and numbers differ and can't be compared in a practical way, I can say that GW is definitely a Big player in the model kit industry that could possibly compete with the likes of Dragon and Tamiya even though they are catered to different markets.

While the financial valuation of Warhammer is catching up on my Modern Military Collection, there are many other things in my main hobby that still out value the stuff in Warhammer. Of which, I will be showing you guys soon.

Till then, thanks for reading!


  1. Finally!! So great to see warhammer stuff again.
    Great detail on the figure..
    Good to see an expanse in warhammer army and stuff! Great job!

  2. It's good to see your Warhammer collection expanding.. and the arrival of more Warhammer posts again.

    I am liking the overall outlook of the Chaos Knights and the paint job.

    Keep it rolling Toyconstruct!

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanMay 14, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    That's the spirit! Keep making more of ur models Jiaqi!!!

    I mean I understand where you are coming from, But I do take enjoyment in seeing your own miniatures too!

    Great paint job here though..

    and Glad to see Warhammer again. It's been too long... haha

  4. Ahh...Finally back with an awesome array of miniatures!!! Love the way the Knights are painted in their standard Khorne colours.

    Blood for the Blood God!

  5. It appears to me that Warriors of Chaos are more terrifying now compared to Daemons..

    Freakish stats for all of them..

  6. They are really powerful.

    i was playing with My friend, Wei Ting. His Wood Elves against my WoC army. My Five Chaos Knights, singlehandedly killed his entire 1.5k army.

    So you can imagine the power.

  7. Damn. Poor Wood Elves.