Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treasure Chest...

Greetings to all,

I am back again with Modern Military stuff. Sorry, it has been a while since the last post.

From my last entry on the blog, I have mentioned how Warhammer has taken over in terms of models completed and done. While my net value of Warhammer figures have increased due to my interest in making new armies, My Modern Military Collection still holds a dominant position in terms of collectibles. Furthermore, I shall be stepping up the game by increasing my effort into making new models and also miniatures of the GHQ modern warfare series.

So this time round, I shall be featuring a rare collectible given to me from my dad. Quite a few years back, My dad had business dealings with the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) and Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. As such, he was given a few of these souvenirs due to business relations.

Knowing what an Avid Modern Military enthusiast I am, He gave me this gold-plated metal model of the J-11 or Su-27 Flanker Model Piece.

Stored in this Grey Colour Hard Box, this Su-27 model is made by Ning Bo Jiang Dong Le Li Airplane Model Printing Ltd.

Its body is made of alloy zinc with 24K gold-plating and has the iconic "August 1st" Red Star emblem of the PLA printed on its wings. Apparently, this model was made as a souvenir for the China Aeronautics and Astronautic International fair.

Unfortunately, being made in China, the English description slip of the souvenir is poorly written with many spelling and grammatical mistakes made in describing the souvenir.

There are also rubies (that might be faux) embedded in both side of the plane's inlets and pearls on the exhaust. It is pretty weird for such aesthetics to be placed on a souvenir but I can safely say it is a rare opportunity to have such a souvenir in my possession.

The Monetary value of such a collector's item is definitely in the hundreds but I am definitely not putting this for sale.

Speaking of things being made in China, it is quite evident that China has a big manufacturing sector that pretty much produce many products for the world. However, there are a sizeable proportion of products that still lack the quality that people can learn to trust.

And it is pretty embarrassing to see a rare souvenir of the Chinese Aviation Industry being flawed with BAD English. Then again, certain Japanese products also do have their fair share of bad English translation.

But it is definitely uniquely Chinese to see a certain amount of flaw in their products (Unless it is governed by MNCs)

Ironic isn't it? Hahaha but China does make so many stuff. So it isn't too surprising. All part and parcel of the Growing Economy that is China..


  1. Is it me or does the date not tally with the actual post up?

    hmm... But its been too long since Modern Military was up. And this souvenir of yours is definitely a gem and a rarity.

    That is definitely a keeper, but I can relate to how you mentioned about the flaws of being MADE IN CHINA, haha. KEEP THE POSTS coming SOONER! ;)

  2. Yes, Killers.. You are right. :3
    The post only came up on 20th May. Jus ttook me awhile to write.. Forgot to change the date when it actually went up.

    Sorry about that. And yes.. MORE POST SOON!

    Stay tune!

  3. Bloody cool souvenir you got there.
    Definitely looks like a rarity.

    Haha I like how the American Flag pin is made in China though. And yes, I must agree, MORE POSTS please!!

  4. That is so cool.
    I wish I could get that souvenir!!
    Is it for sale? HAHA

  5. Sorry RedChina.. Not for sale at all :p hahaha

  6. Quite common for crappy grammar and spelling mistakes in china gds.
    Nonetheless, really awesome souvenir.. It Is so cool yer dad use to work in chinese aviation! I can't disagree with the rest. Brilliant n rare.

  7. 好棒啊!
    Really awesome to see such a display model . I think I have seen such stuff in cac or sac exhibition or china airshows before.

  8. It's been long time since I see your posts.
    This is the first time I see you show us something looking
    really valuable, rare and expensive.

    It must be scream treasure indeed. Thanks for showing us.

  9. Excellent souvenir.. First time I dp see something as rare n different in ya modern military collection aside from ur model stuff. It's been a great while since i last been here but I must say that the things you got here is getting to be real unique and cool.

    Cheersy n keep it going!

  10. I have one in MINT condition, with a solid custom metal base from the same kit if anyone is interested! My father did work in China and received it as a gift and then passed it along to me.

    1. That's really cool. Quite an awesome piece I must say.

  11. i have one but the gray box is alittle different on the top.. actually under the plane it has the company name and logo .. anyone know what year these where issued? value? just curious.. unfortunetly i do not have the base for it .. the plane and box with a information card about it..curious to know what the value is..

    1. I am not really too sure about the value of this piece but I would like to believe it could fetch quite a sum. I don't see this type of memorabilia around.