Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Slava Class Cruiser

Greetings to all to another military post.

Today, I shall be featuring the Slava Class Cruiser. As you may have noticed, everything that I have been showing for GHQ is Naval. This is largely due to the fact that I started painting GHQ naval miniatures only. I have acquired many land forces miniatures and will get to it as soon as possible. So stay tune for that.

As of now, Let me get on to talking about the Project 1164. The Slava Class Cruiser was the proposed project naval vessel that would be a conventional, less expensive alternative to the Kirov Battlecruiser.

An Interesting fact would be that all Slava Class Cruisers were built in a Ukranian Port in Mykolaiv. Originally, 10 Slava Cruisers were planned for the Soviet Navy. However, Since the fall of the Soviet Union, 3 were only built. Pretty much in typical Fashion, many of the Soviet Military projects ended up with lower numbers than it planned out to have.

One of the Iconic weapons of the Slava Cruiser are its 8x2 P-500 Bazalt SS-N-12 Sandbox Anti-ship missiles. While there are not re-loadable during sea operations, it packs enough firepower to deal with surface vessels. It is also armed with 64 SA-N-6 Grumble long-range Surface-to-air missiles. With several close-in weapon systems and a few dozen anti-submarine mortars and a couple of torpedo tubes, the Slava cruiser is an arsenal of a ship which could give western counterparts a run for their money in a naval battle. This is especially so based on the amount of firepower this ship possesses on its own.

That's about it for me this time round. Stay tune for more Toyconstruct posts!!


  1. The Slava Cruiser always appeared to me like the Bigger Brother design of the Sovremmeny

    As usual, You're GHQ Modern Ships are painted really well though for such a small size, you have impeccable detailing going on!

    1. Big Brother? Definitely, Bigger armanent load of missiles for sure though.

      I dubbed it the "Monster Missile" Cruiser.

    2. Monster Missile Cruiser would be the Kirov =P

  2. Those 16 Sandbox Anti-ship missiles are really something.

    Imagine The Slava firing these missiles all at once What a sight it would be.....

  3. Still not as good as the Ticonderoga in Armanent. :p

    Painting Detail is really good. The zoom up on the miniature compared to its actual size does show how good this painting is. Great stuff yet again Jiaqi!

  4. I must say that I really take particular liking for the Russian Red Colour code. It is something that is iconic with the Russian Navy. By the way, I feel that it is hard to compare much in terms of ships aside from technical specifications because not much modern naval warfare has happened. But I do agree with you Shen. The Tico's Armanent, for it's PRICE is better than the Slava.

  5. Quite unfortunate that the AShMs are not reloadable during Sea Operations. I think if it is a prolong Naval War battle, this might be disadvantage for Slava.

  6. The Slava has an old Rusky feel to it. I find it an enigma to see a Ship that looks rustic but is still relevant and modern in terms of age for the Russian Fleet.