Friday, March 16, 2012

Kamiya Kaoru

Ohayo my Fellow Readers!

Today, I shall continue and proceed on to the next action figure that I have procured from the Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin Anime. The action figure for today is Kamiya Kaoru. The main girl in the Rurouni Kenshin, and ultimately she would be the romantic party that will get involve in Kenshin's life as the TV Series progresses.

Developed by Toycom, this action figure is Kamiya Kaoru in her iconic Yellow Kimono as she dusts and sweeps her dojo. If I can recall correctly, though my memory does not always help me that much, she rarely wears a kimono, but in the TV Series, when she does wear it, it would be this yellow kimono that looks simple yet wonderful and amazingly beautiful.

For Non-fans of the Series, Kamiya Kaoru is one of the main characters in Rurouni Kenshin Anime. Born in Chiba in 1862, Kamiya Kaoru is lead instructor of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu School. Inheriting the fighting style and dojo from her late father Kamiya Koshijiro, she struggles to get students and seemed likely to lose her dojo. Partly because at the start of the series, there was an assailant who claimed to be the Hitokiri Battousai, harassing the dojo too.

Of course, the REAL Hitokiri Battousai, Kenshin, whoops the assailant, and the adventure begins as Kaoru and Kenshin gets acquainted. Obviously, since she is the first lady to be introduced to the series, you sense a certain connection the She has with Kenshin. Before we know it, she falls for him.

Kamiya Kaoru is sort of an enigma. While she can be short-tempered and posssessive, she is very selfless. Kaoru does tend to get jealous when another girl gets close to Kenshin but never fails to show a compassionate, courageous and independent side when need be. However, it is noteworthy to point out that one of her iconic traits is that her cooking is horrible but her ability to see good in others is something that deserves recognition too.

As a practioner of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu, Kaoru uses the bokken, a wooden sword to practice her technique. Since she is a teacher of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu, she also has mastered successions technique of the art.

All in all, Kaoru has provided much love, joy and animated humor to the Rurouni Kenshin Manga and Anime series. All the while that I have been watching Kenshin in the OVAs and what he has gone through, you'd believe that there could be noone who could make Kenshin smile or goof around.

But then Kamiya Kaoru came along, and was able to show that she could do it.

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  1. Never really like Kaoru that much. Don't think it is the Kimono but yeah, she was quite irritating in the tv series in my opinion.

  2. Well, I am on the other spectrum for liking Kaoru. She provides humor to the Samurai X series as what Jiaqi has said.
    She does come across as very boyish but the romance between Kenshin and her is one that is as hard hitting as Tomoe's conenction with Kenshin. I must add that your photographic skills and nice background does bring otu the feminine aspect of her.

  3. I am with Animebinge on this. I think Kaoru is pretty awesome! Admittedly, she isn't one of the best fighter with much exposure to action but hey, the darn love story of hers with Kenshin is pretty darn amazing.

    Truly depicts the silent struggle of her love for Kenshin, from being the girl who falls in love to being his wife.

    Aside from that, Great shots with the flowery background!

  4. More better photoshots than Kenshin post.
    I really like the colour combination and the great background that works well with her kimono!


  5. Hahaha Kaoru is the one that Makes Kenshin go OROOO OROOO most of the time.. And it never fails to entertain me. HAHA

  6. Totally Agree with you there.
    Just started watching the Rurouni Kenshin series again, it really does bring back nostalgic memories.