Friday, March 23, 2012

Sagara Sanosuke

Greeting again Toyconstruct readers!!

Today, I would like to talk about Sanosuke. Like how Ironman had War Machine by his side, Luke Skywalker had Han Solo and Batman had Robin, Sagara Sanosuke was Kenshin Himura Wingman and Closest Buddy.

Sagara Sanosuke was a fighter for hire before he met Kenshin Himura. But before he even became a fighter for hire, he was formerly from the Sekiho Army.

Born 1860 in Nagano, Sanosuke was a member of the Sekiho Army. He had a very great admiration for the leader of the Sekiho Army, Sagara Sozo. Unfortunately, when the revolutionary government encounters financial problems and wanted to bury their promises that they owed to the Sekiho Army, they labelled the Sekiho Army as a fraud and in the process executes Sagara Sozo, leaving Sanosuke as one of the only survivors.

Because of the predicament that had occurred to him, Sanosuke was consumed with hatred for the Meiji Government and becomes a fighter in Tokyo. Ten years onwards, he gains notoriety as one of the strongest fighter for hire in the city. The Kanji Word that he wears on his back
aku means "evil' on which is a symbol of his loyalty toward his past in the Sekiho Army.

Initially, Sanosuke wields a huge zanpakto which he uses as a weapon that crushes and smashes enemies rather than cut them. The first fateful encounter between him and Kenshin Himura is when Sanosuke was hired to fight Kenshin. It was at this point that Sanosuke comes in first hand contact with the skill and prowess of Kenshin. Kenshin easily destroys his Zanpakto and Sanosuke learns of the truth of Kenshin's no-kill approach which leads him to become one of Kenshin's allies. (Usually, I would share the fight scene via one of the youtube links, but this time, wasn't able to find it. My apologies, but do take note that the fight scene was epic!)

Throughout the entire series, we see how Sanosuke develops a close buddy relationship with Kenshin. Unlike many other sidekicks in other various stories, Sanosuke had come to be Kenshin's best friend. Sanosuke was a wingman that was willing to punch Kenshin when he was sad to wake him up from his sadness.

While he does not match up to the talent and skill that Kenshin has, he is a great fighter himself. After his zanpakto is destroyed, he chooses to focus on hand combat which he excels in and improves even further along the TV Series.

At this point of time, I kind of have a lapse in memory of other wingmen that have been influential and supportive to their various respective main character heroes but this I can say for Sagara Sanosuke. He has been always there for Kenshin. During the entire TV series and onwards, he has always cheered up Kenshin when need be and given tough love to him.

What really moved me is that here you have Kenshin Himura, who was the Hitokiri Battousai and is still the Top dog of Samurai Swordsmanship which usually would give the impression that he is invincible and need not have anyone to help him at all. But much as Sagara Sanosuke can't compare or compete to Kenshin in skill, he has been a great buddy and wingmen in helping Kenshin throughout other aspects of his life. In several occasions, Kenshin even learns from Sanosuke's advice.

Brotherhood and Friendship is really golden. And while Words just fail me now, It does bring back memories of the Bro and Great Friend I had.

Nonetheless, I am appreciative of the awesome close wingmen around me. That includes you JOSH!

Help me out here though guys, What other wingmen from various stories or shows do you think are one of the greatest wingmen? Do share..

Till the next post, Cheerios!


  1. You may want to object to my opinion but the most iconic and influential wingman would be Robin to Batman. He always got batman's back and batman always sees him as a younger version of himself.

    While George Clooney and Chris O Donnell with their nipple suits didn't really showcase the true brotherhood they shared, the comics illustrate something deeper that makes Batman more iconic.

    That is just how I feel.

  2. Yoshi for Mario. He has help shitloads in terms of quests and obstacles for Mario. Like how the Dog is men's best friend, Yoshi has been that and more to Mario

  3. Sagara Sanousuke is one of my most favourite character in Rurouni Kenshin. I like his fighting style.

  4. Not really an action hero but Hobbes in Calvin and Hobbes is a pretty darn good wingman too

  5. Tony Stark and James Rhodes.. The Two Gun slinging heroes! Like Sanousuke, James has always been asounding board and old friend of the imperfect Tony Stark and Iron.

    However, I must say, not many renowned heroes have partners in arms to the extent that is the same relationship as Kenshin. Can't think of anyone else.

    Despite being synonymous with each other, I personally don't think Batman and Robin counts. As Robin doesn't really help Batman in his personal tragedies and failures.

  6. Tonto and the Lone Ranger. Since Tonto is as intelligent as the Lone Ranger and has a good relationship that is similar to Iron Man and War Machine.

  7. Frodo and Sam... And Even though Sam was Frodo's Gardener, that guy was a true wingman, supporting him emotionally, Fighting of monsters, carrying Frodo's weak ass to Mount Doom..

    HAha and let's face it, even when the Ring was making Frodo be such a douche, Sam still stuck with Frodo.

    Now how is that for a wingman?

    1. haha yeah okae, that one trumps all so far.. Don't think Sanousuke can beat that one.