Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Udaloy

This week, it is time for some GHQ Naval Miniatures.

Today, I feature the Udaloy I Destroyer.

The Udaloy I Destroyer was also known as Project 1155. Currently, there are 8 active Udaloy Destroyers in the Russian Fleet. 1 of which is the Udaloy II. Apparently, Project 1155 was proposed and initiated to cater to Anti Submarine Warfare because the building of large displacement, multi-role surface vessels were too costly.

The Udaloy Destroyer as seen here is hand painted by me. I tried my best to put as much detail as possible into it. Even got some references from Model Kit Manuals and pictures to see what I could do with a 1/2400 scale ship.

Project 1155 served as the anti submarine destroyer project while Project 956 Sovremenny was supposed to be the anti surface destroyer for the Russian Naval Fleet.

The Udaloy was generally considered to be the US Spruance Class Destroyer equivalent. As mentioned earlier, due to multi-role vessels being to costly, the Udaloy Destroyer is a specialized surface vessel. As such, the disadvantage to the Udaloy is that it lacked capabilities to handle anti-surface and anti-air threats.

An Udaloy Destroyer escorting the Big Kirov Battlecruiser somewhere in the Russian Sea.

As such, Udaloy II was propose to enable the Udaloy to have a more balanced capabilities. However, witht he economy in crumble after the end of the Cold War, much of Russia's military developments came to a halt or got dismantled.

As of today, only one Udaloy II is completed, while the rest are still Udaloy I with varying SAM and air search radar in each unit. Such is the well-being of Russian weaponary.

Which brings me to a discussion topic. In the last military entry, I have given my opinion on how the T-80B is obsolete as a present day MBT. And many Russian equipment fail to provide an adequate threat to the modernization and technological superiority that comes from the USA and its European Counterpart. Even its Naval Fleet has just recovered from the effects of a crumbling economy after the Cold War. Of which the Cold war had seen many naval vessels rot and dismantled due to the high cost of maintenance or even putting it out to sea.

Do you guys believe that the Russian Armed Forces has what it takes to be a formidable threat against the EU and US given economic conditions now and taking in consideration speculative notions of Russia's future. Can it be considered as a big player with the Likes of China and the USA?

Do comment on it! (I am sure this topic surfaces throughout many military discussion. But for the sake of debating and friendly discussion, give it go (: )

As of now, I have finally come up with a fantasy modern military campaign with Joshua and will be playing it with Josh. Will let update you guys on it soon.

Till then, Toodle loo!!


  1. I feel Russia is still a substantial force and threat against NATO. While a Modern War between such huge powers will cripple both sides' economy.

    Russia still has a ballistic missile submarine fleet that can incapacitate both USA and Europe.

    Now assuming Russia uses conventional warfare, They would lose both in the numbers game and technology against USA. Then again, its armed forces is still huge and powerful in comparison with many Nations in Europe.

    Furthermore, Russia does have the Kuznetzov Carrier for force projection. Its Su-27 and Su-33 are still formidable against Eurofighter and the Rafale. ANd while it is a hard guess who would win the air war, it just goes to show how much of a Military power Russia is still.

  2. Killers pretty much summarise it. To add on, While Russia is just recovering and developing more projects for its armed forces, should something bankrupt its economy and projects are halted or cancelled, the Russian Armed Forces will still be a threat based on its current inventory and equipment that it possesses.

    Even if we do not play the numbers game, Russia has exposure to various Modern Day conflict like the Ossetian War and Chechnya to say the least. But I must say, Germany, France and UK will be formidable opponents. Even when UK armed forces is cutting down its size and force projection abilities.

  3. Based on the question of whether it can be considered a big player like US and China, I feel it can. Based on numbers and force projection capabilities, Russia is still there. If the Motherland were to go to a brawl against Europe or China, its equipment may be ill maintained and may falter, but its numbers can still pack a punch. (Speaking in terms of tank battles too)

  4. I must say that Russian Submarine Fleet is very powerful too. Even though some are scrapped, overall, the Russian Submarine Fleet can still prove to be deadly against many EU navies. The Russian Armed Forces is still capable of packing a big punch against EU and US in naval terms.

  5. It has been awhile since I last came on. Great GHQ naval Miniatures.

    Haha I guess all the guys have pretty much nail it. I don;t think there is much counter point to the issue of Russia being a big military player in the global scene. While it isn't as great as USA or back int he former days of the Soviet Union, it still packs a punch.

  6. Just want to add in a little that I see another ship next to your Udaloy Destroyer..... What is that Hahaha!!! Is that a Kirov?

    And would love to take a look into this wargaming modern warfare campaign you guys are playing.

    Great GHQ Stuff Jiaqi! As for the discussion, enough said I guess??? Lol

  7. Haha I guess so Really good points made.

    I cannot elaborate further. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    Good day to all!

  8. Great naval miniatures. Small but detailed and good painting. Great stuff!

  9. I have returned from the beyond. Well, no actually, but it's great to look at your collectibles and model kits. The Udaloy Destroyer that you have painted looks pretty detailed Good Paint Brushing fellow modeller!

    Keep it rollin' in!