Thursday, February 16, 2012

Iron Sky: A Film with Finnish?

Hey Everyone

Thanks for coming down to toyconstruct, and it's been great to have JQ share on his unit of screamers and his GHQ Udaloy I destroyer. I admire JQ for being dedicated to painting and fixing models up, he's definitely made more completed model kits than me....I just do the easy job of taking the pictures, some of it with his help too.

Not sure if you heard about this, but there's growing hype around perhaps one of the most cheesiest, extremely outrageous, and downright silly movies of 2012. It's not related to Twilight or another "Scary Movie" (thank goodness)...and it's none other than Iron Sky, a comedy set in the not so distant 2018.

The Iron Sky movie poster. I won't blame you if Red Alert 3 comes to mind...
Scheduled to invade cinema screens on April 4th, Iron Sky is a German-Finnish-Austrailian production based on one ridiculous concept: the Nazis have escaped defeat of WWII by setting up base on the dark side of the moon. It also happens that the moon has been well favoured by other movie baddies as well....such as the Decepticons in Dark of the Moon and Hugo Drax of Moonraker fame.

Space Nazis, Fascism in the Final Frontier.
Seventy-three years of Nazi lunar hibernation is drastically broken by an intruding U.S. African-American astronaut, and the Lunar Nazis spring from their base and promptly invade Earth...with plans to activate their giant battlecruiser, the Götterdämmerung ("Twilight of the Gods", an Old Norse apocalypse), and wipe off subhuman presence from the face of the planet, be it full moon or not.

Nazi Moon Base: Beyond Hitler's wildest dreams, without the worries of real estate prices and pesky neighbours.
Jokes weaved into this story include a U.S. president resembling Sarah Palin (who actually wins the election!), a Nazi doctor injecting the African-American with a "whitening solution", and the Nazi base taking the shape of a giant Swastika. Here are the 3 trailers that have been released so far:

I might give this movie a shot on the grounds of its originality and highly ridiculous premise, knowing that it's going to be a B movie with probably low attention to plot and acting...but overflowing with corniness and hilarity. It has already been screened at the recent Berlin Film Festival, and it's expectedly gotten some mixed reviews.

If you haven't fallen off your chairs yet, what do you think about it?


  1. That is really hilarious I think I have seen it quite awhile back. And Sarah Palin becoming the United States President is really insane.

    But I think it might be a good B grade show

  2. Simply funny because it's totally ridiculous. Wouldn't mind watching it..

  3. Hahaha I love this type of outrageously unrealistic B grade Movies
    Will definitely Keep a lookout and watch Iron Sky

  4. HAHA!! I like how the kids say "We Come In Peace!!"
    It's going to be an interesting Movie

  5. Don't get me started on the other cheesy line "to kick some nazi arse!"


  6. I find the part where the trailer puts "Send Us Money" right after that cheesy line more hilarious

  7. Guys, They even have a boardgame for sale to boost their finances for the show. Check this out!

  8. The Sarah Palin look alike isn't really tickling my funny bone. I hope the show is going to give some good cheesy humor with nice action. Rather than some stupid retarded lame ass attempt on a outrageous idea turned sour.