Friday, June 24, 2011

Warhammer: Pistoliers!

Hey Everyone

Thanks again for coming down to toyconstruct, and also to JQ for his posts on Soap MacTavish, a man who sure doesn't have clean hands in the gritty world of Special Ops. And yes...I agree with everyone, JQ please play Modern Warfare 2!!! I really hope you get to play it before MW3 comes out lol.

For this post, we'll turn back to warhammer, and this time looking at the Pistoliers of the Glorious Empire. Humans may only be weak and have low toughness, but the Empire is infamous for their bristling arsenal of guns.

The Pistoliers of the Empire, lead by an Outrider/Champion.

I love to deploy Pistoliers against archers or warmachine crew. It takes some guile and daring to use them as bait and become a nuisance to enemy formations. Just make sure they are not too near friendly units when making "forced flights", where they immediately flee as a charge response and can sap friendly morale.

The pistoliers keeping a disciplined line abreast formation...ready for a skirmish!

Take note, I did not paint these pistoliers...I got them off ebay second-hand, I think they cost about $38 which is a pretty good deal with the detailing and painting done for them. The trade off is that my army collection can seem to be incongruent as it combines units painted by different I limit my second-hand purchases to special/rare units.

Focus on one of the pistoliers, as the unit moves across the battlefield.

Pistoliers in the WFB world are actually sons of nobles, and they serve as pistoliers before they can serve with the famed Knightly Orders of the Empire. The light armor they wear typically comes from family collections, and also do not provide much protection when faced by close combat. What makes them deadly is their pistols, as each of them carry a couple of pistols each and as a unit unleash a deadly barrage of gunfire.

This shot's centered on the champion, who happens not to be just a better shot but also able to wield a larger variety of guns.

On a lighter note, I used to be so demoralized when I played Empire and saw the trailers made for Warhammer Online and the Warhammer RTS. They featured Empire warrior monks, soldiers etc....and after a few moments of glory for the EMPIRE, the same theme always popped out: Empire men get owned/raped by almost invulnerable Chaos warriors. Sheesh. Then and again, when I look upon Emperor Karl Franz, I feel excited and ready to kill some evil in the NAME OF THE EMPEROR, CHOSEN OF SIGMAR!!!

The Emperor leading by example as he contributes to Orc population control.

To borrow some inspiration from the Green Lantern:
"In the brightest day and darkest night,
evil shall face the Empire's Might!"
(famous last words for quite a number of Imperials unfortunately)


  1. All the trailers and pictures depicting Empire losing are misrepresentations.

    Put two steam tanks and a cannon fire line.. And the Empire would be the one inflicting pain.

  2. Josh, U could have a nice theme to your army, since most of ur army come from different painters including yourself.

    The Joshua Brigand.. comprising of various regiments from all over. :p

  3. hawaiiwarhammerfanJune 28, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    HAHAHA Robin hood style empire army named, "Joshua's Raggedy bunch of Imperial Misfits"

  4. That is one nice epic looking Emperor Photo of Karl Franz.

  5. Great Background shot!

  6. The way u did your camera shot of the background, Did you use the same technique as before Josh?

  7. @Yur

    For these shots I simply used a computer screen as the background (after looking for an appropriate picture). I've used it before for pictures on the Rick Dom and Jagdpanther.