Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hey Everyone

Sorry for the delay in articles and I just got back home from a holiday and ready to put up more posts for toyconstruct! Now, the E3 games expo is going on right now, which means a lot of new trailers and announcements for new games coming up on the horizon!

"E3" is the short-form for Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is organized by the Entertainment Software Association, a big-ass body that has top game publishers as members and does a lot of "behind-the-scenes" work such as combating copyright infringement and going against imposed censorship of games. Interestingly, Activision and Blizzard are not members of ESA, and Blizzard itself holds a Blizzcon separate from E3.

As a Star Wars geek, one game that's really exciting is the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). I've played a number of games by Bioware, such as Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect etc, and really love the way they made their RPGs. Cinematic storytelling with absorptive gameplay. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of the gameplay for this MMO and can't tell if it is gonna be awesome or even a WoW challenger.

Close to what most think would be an epicenter of nerdiness (bestp2pgames.blogspot.com).

One thing's for sure, SWTOR has really fantastic trailers that give the context for the game's setting thousands of years ago from the movie series. Recently at the E3, a new cinematic trailer was released for the game, and interestingly...all the 3 trailers are chronologically reversed. It is cool to see all 3 trailers with respect to release date and notice recurring characters, and I have posted the trailers according to their release dates.

Trailer 1: "Deceived"

Trailer 2: "Hope"

Trailer 3: "Return"

The MMORPG sector has been a tough one for a lot more publishers than one, with Blizzard consistently keeping masses of subscribers in the face of notable competition, such as Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, DC Universe...etc. I've played a few MMOs, and somehow World of Warcraft delivers the most fluid gameplay and highest populations. One thing that WoW lacks is compelling storyline as most quests are just quests...complete a task and gain experience points, without building any connection or making investment in the non-player characters. Perhaps this is where SWTOR would be leveraging on to take on WoW.

Afterall, only time will tell if SWTOR really delivers and penetrates the WoW monopoly.


  1. This Online game would be an epic win if it was as good as its trailers.. FAWW SURE!

  2. WOw, I haven't seen the third trailer.
    Pretty cool, though it's kinda replicating a Han Solo type of character right?

  3. Haha Recycling the iconics so people can relate to it i guess? HAHaH there's a Darth maul look alike.. only he is a Jedi Master. :p

  4. Haha, If only game trailers were made into movies... Ahhh That would be a dream come true.