Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soap MacTavish!

Soap MacTavish!

While I STILL haven't play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I cannot emphasize how cool this guy is and the great impression he has impose on the first Modern Warfare Game. However, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

I haven't played the game but I am aware that this sculpted figure is depicting a scene from one of the mission in MW2 in which Soap MacTavish was part of.

Sculpted by Kotobukiya and manufactured for Activision, the sculpture is done on a 1:6 scale and is about 12" tall.

It includes interchangeable arms and weapons, which can be stored in the base of the statue when not in use. As you can see here, I have switch the arms to the ones where he is holding dual pistols.

This comes factory fresh and mint in the box, with all of the original paperwork. It's a great collector's item for fans of this popular game. One thing that I must add further is that he is really well sculpted and the picture shots only prove how well it is made.

Right down to his skin texture and weathering of his clothes, Kotobukiya is specialize in making really great life-like figures.

In the next entry, I shall focus on Kotobukiya's history and show u more of Soap MacTavish Pictures. On a side note, things are getting real busy, I have barely time to do up my models, but I am trying bit by bit everyday, when I have the time.

Progress is slow, but I have already come up with a list of things I am determined to finish by 2011 end.


  1. I saw this in the British Exclusive Special Edition release for the game.

    Wow.. the sculpt is pretty life like!

  2. That is one fine sweet sculpt!!!
    HOLY SMOKES.. it really looks great on pictures1
    Bet it definitely looks better in real life.

  3. I do like how he holds his pistol and his non-shaven look that comes complete with scar on the eye.

    Such a badass!!

  4. I cannot help but agree with Killers and RedChina.
    This sculpted figure looks phenomenal.

    It is a definite rarity!!

  5. It isn't really that rare as you can find quite a few in ebay, but I am amazed at the fact that it is pretty detailed.

  6. Shen is right. You can find a few on ebay.
    I want to play this game already :(

  7. You are taking too long a time to play.. Hahahahha.
    Hurry hurry!

  8. I got one of these figures just as the pictures show ._.
    Its a great piece to have as a call of duty memorabilia,.
    Don't know how much they are though._.

    1. It is definitely a great COD (Modern Era) Memorabilia. I hope they would have made more, unfortunately i do no think they any more. A Captain Price one would have been just as fantastic I reckon.