Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Orcs!!!!!

Warhammer GO!

The Black Orcs are one of my recent works that I have completed at the start of this year. For those who do not know about them, these elite armour-wearing Orcs are the biggest meanest baddest Orcs one can have in their tribe.

Usually, an Orc Tribe would be lead by a Black Orc as he would be the strongest and toughest. If not, it would be an even bigger badder Orc which would probably have Black Orcs among his troop choice.

The Black Orc Regiment.

Weirdly enough, I have yet to face an Orc Player. And being a Bretonnian Player, Orcs would have been my natural adversary.


While I do not play Orcs & Goblins from Warhammer, I do always find the Orcs rather cute, in their ugly and crude way.

It evokes pretty much the same "ugly but cute" sentiment as DOMOKUN from Japan. Hopefully, ppl can understand why I find them cute.

And this is the main reason why I bought these Black Orcs and painted them up.

Their mean, fearsome but clumsy demeanour makes them all the more adorable and endearing.

Of course, Packed with their armour and deadly great weapons, you would think twice than to give them a cuddle.

At first, I wanted to paint the Black Orcs in their normal usual standard colour code but I arrived at the conclusion that it wouldn't be too unique. Went to go check around the net for something that could be a little more unique and arrive at an eBay picture of these Black Orcs painted in Mithril Silver and blue overalls which was a perfect fit.

As of now, I will be painting up more Warhammer stuff and I am already in the midst of building a sizeable Dwarf and Daemon of Chaos Army, so stay tune!

However, in addition to that, for those who have not already realize, Games Workshop have come up with more wonderful reasons to raise their prices again. Unfortunately, Hardcore collectors and gamers like me are but pawns to this inflation. While, there have been some great points on the new Finecast models, Its horrid to just keep on raising prices and kill the community.

Other than that, I participated in Sporecon 2011 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament not too long ago and I Got OWNED BIG TIME. Wanted to take pictures, but was too busy getting my Bretonnian army whooped badly. Never really suffered such a harsh defeat with my Knights before. Moral of the Story: I have much to learn in playing the game well. But it is a refreshing and great experience to get to know more people and be in a bigger community of tabletop gaming.

Trinkets from SPORECON 2011

Custom SPORECON 2011 Dice.

Apart from that, Sorry for the week delay and Weekly posts back as usual again!



  1. Wicked Looking Orcs Jiaqi.. Really.. Well Done and Well Painted mann!1!! Good on yer!!

  2. hawaiiwarhammerfanJune 9, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    I like ya interpretation of cute in terms of the Orcs

  3. My condolences on your bret army in the warhammer tourney..

    Perhaps you should use a better army? :P

  4. Bret's will always remain my first and favorite army. :p And they are not that bad unless they go into buildings.

  5. Grrat bunch of Orcs you got there!!

    HAHAh brets do suck in building fights.. oh well
    But they definitely hurt on the charge.

  6. In this edition of Warhammer for Brets, you really need a sizable amount of Infantry men. So Grail Relic Pilgrims and Men-at-arms are important.

  7. You could do that or harness the strength of the Bretonnians.

    IMO, it would be the Pegasus Knights and Trebuchet. And letting ur knights do the rest. Should your enemy garrison your building. Just leave them be.

  8. Really Really Great paint job you have here for your weblog site!

    Especially like the Orcs you have painted

  9. @Desolater, I am definitely planning to do get unit for my bret army that harnesses the Pegasus Knights and Trebuchet more.

    Thinking of doing the Flying Circus strategy for Bretonnians.