Monday, November 8, 2010

Land Air and Sea. Navy Seals

So today, its back to Military stuff again. And now, it is featuring the Navy Seal Boarding Soldier from the Todd McFarlane Military Series.

However, I must point out that the gear that he is wearing is not always ubiquitous to the Navy Seals

What is ubiquitous about him is that he suits up like many Special forces units.

Through Rain

Or Shine.. The Navy Seals will operate and get the job done.

AND like most special forces units, the weapons they use or have are customized to their own preference. Their M4 Carbines and MP5 would have their own personal zeroing. Furthermore, Combat fatigues are usually pretty less regulatory compared to their standard infantrymen counterparts.

However, if you think that their training is any easier, you would be dead wrong. The Navy Seals go through many layers of physical, intellectual and mental training programs before they can become actual Navy Seal Personnels. Furthermore, they are picked from the best.

With the requirement to be highly flexible and adaptive, the Navy Seals need to have uncanny situational awareness and operational precision that are above par. As such, it is highly essential that their discipline and combat abilities be more exceptional than your normal infantry. With regards to their battle experience, the Navy Seals have been in every conflict since their establishment, so I guess we can't really put any doubt of their operational record

Furthermore, Seal Team Six is under the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group which oversees Covert Operations and have frequent collaborations with the CIA.
Displaying their diverse abilities in the theater of conflicts and war.

For more on Navy Seals:

In relations to Special forces like the Navy Seals, it is only 2 days left to the release of Modern Warfare: Black Ops.

But don't go crazy and buy it before knowing this.
It is TREYARCH who is doing this game. Meaning, it could SUCK.. as there have been pretty much no Call of Duty (CoD) that were really great under the Treyarch development team.

However, Trailer looks pretty damn fancy and nice, but we have yet to find out the reception from the gamers themselves.

Nonetheless, It does make me disgruntled as i have yet to get a new laptop to play Modern Warfare 2. DAMNIT. :S Sometimes, it just suck to be way behind the trends and games that people play.

And I am feeling the full effect of it, especially when it comes to games related to my hobby and interest. FRACK.


  1. Well, Amazon's having a $20 promotional credit for CoD: BO...which made me pre-order it, I'll let you know if it's worth it :)

    I agree that the trailer looks awesome, and part of my buying in was due to my disappointment with MoH - the campaign wasn't too well done and I sold it after completing the campaign (I didn't see myself playing MP). Treyarch may not have a great reputation, and now they are at the forefront of CoD with IW's controversy. They did some things right, one of them being the zombie-mode of WaW.

    And JQ, aren't you planning to get MW2 for PS3?

  2. SO INFORMATIVE Jiaqi...
    LOL. But HAHHA how long must we keep the suspense of not spoiling MW2 for you. HAHA

    As for Treyarch and Black Ops.. :/ Do let me know too Josh. I've spent a couple of bucks on Treyarch FPS games only to meet utter disappointment.

    I thought I swore to myself.. NEver again for Treyarch. Gayarch

  3. My sympathies to you Jiaqi. HAHAHAH
    Funny thought. I like how you just changed the background of the action figure and say through Rain or Shine.

    Its hilarious. I am sure it was unintentional nonetheless.

  4. HAHa Firstly, Josh, I dunno.. but u know me.. I have always been a Mouse/Keyboard FPS player.. and i feel console doesn't give me that same control unless i spend a couple of hundred dollars(of which i do not have) on the keyboard/mouse adapter.

    Not saying I wouldn't get that prestige version for all the other perks in it, but yeah.

    As for Treyarch, I am skeptical.. I played WaW single campaign and while it was way longer than didnt give me the same X-factor.

    And seriously, it was pretty patchy and laggy on my laptop even though i surpass the min, requirements. Not forgetting that its Multiplayer mode was only great for the zombie part which I would say L4D overshadowed that small mod.

    HAHA and Killers, I must say this entry wasn't really that informative.. if i get your meaning correctly. Either that.. or maybe I have been too wordy :p.

    As for the background switch. I admit, there are times where Josh and I would switch background and think which one was better. Unfortunately for this one, we couldn't make up our mind.. hence both. LOL

  5. I have transitioned between mouse/keyboard and console. Console controllers may not be as accurate, and in that case it will test your abilities even more. Battlefield awareness also grows with these 'limitations', and trust me, the feeling of precisely pointing your aim on a console is really nice. FPSes on consoles for me have been really good experiences.

    Perhaps it boils down to being a perfectionist for control in gaming experience (to me the difference is exaggerated) vs. playing a system that you know will perform well. I'd vote for assured performance.

  6. I fully agree with Joshua. I also do play MW2 on the console platform Xbox360 and I feel it provides a different experience and while It may not harness the control and accuracy of the mouse and keyboard, its text your ability for control on a totally different level.

    But if it were down to a professional player on Mouse/keyboard against console controller. The PC player would have advantage. Question is.. how pro are you to actually hone that advantage.

  7. Ahh Josh n Nat.. i see your point on Controller platform for FPS.

    But just my own opinion. I am pretty adamanet on the mouse and keyboard platform. Do not get me wrong, I have played multiplayer and obstacle course of MW2 on tristan's (my friend) PS3.

    And while I can get use to it, it just isn't m cup of tea.

  8. No problems Jiaqi on your entry. It was good. :)
    And now that you have stated your opinion on Mouse/Keyboard controls, I think JQ has a point.
    It really gives a more sensitive field and a more comfortable approach on FPS.

  9. To all those skeptical of Black Ops, check out this link on yahoo.

    Apparently, Treyarch have proved themselves worthy. for once in their life.

  10. @Joshua
    "I agree that the trailer looks awesome, and part of my buying in was due to my disappointment with MoH - the campaign wasn't too well done and I sold it after completing the campaign (I didn't see myself playing MP)."

    I must a disagree with you. The multiplayer experience is what makes MoH great. It rehashes from the Battlefield 2 exploits. And the vehicles are what makes it better than MW2 MP in that aspect.

    The campaign is short but it isn't that bad ne.

    Blackops also look very good no? I think it will be brilliant despite skepticism

  11. Yeah Hiko you have a good point. It's unfortunate that I do not have much time to play MP though :( thanks to school and homework haha. I just found the single-player campaign rather underwhelming, and maybe I missed the best part of the game.

    I used to spend hours playing MP earlier mainly with Enemy Territory (WWII one), Counterstrike, BF 1942, Rainbow 6: Raven Shield and BF 2...and kinda know that a lot of time is needed to make sure that I could survive in MP matches.

  12. Saw the recent commercial for Blackops. ALso on the one you posted on Facebook guys.

    Brilliant stuff. Funyn to see Kobe Bryant in it.

    But I can say that it has good prospects and from what hiko and RedChina say. SOunds good.

    And josh, MP is a big aspect of almost all the games that were mentioned by you, but yeah. like everything.. it takes time. ANd perhaps time is not on ur side. But I'm sure the MoH servers won't be destroyed within this month.

    Perhaps when u get together a team to play, it would be pretty awesome!

  13. HAhah Joshua, How can u not like MP man.. remember all the wonderful times we had in Battlefield 2?

    Shit i remember how u, me and Wei Ting cleaned out Karkand just because of the influence of our squad.
    At one point of time, we were elites in the BF2 MP world. ANd BF2 didnt even have single player! it was solely multiplayer game. HAHA

  14. LOL JQ, good times bro...I loved playing in those squad settings. I do like MP a lot, just don't have the time to do it now :( (or maybe I can try to make time for it haha)

    I love MP, it's just like a girlfriend man...always not enough time LOL.

  15. @ Shen, I totally agree on the awesomeness of getting a squad together...I'm waiting on my Black Ops order, seems to be doing pretty well for reviews.

    Looks like Treyarch did something good in the end...

    I have a hunch...with the controversy at IW, there are staff who remained behind with IW and maybe the barriers between collaboration between the 2 studios was much decreased...since IW and Treyarch aren't necessarily trying to make a name vs. each other anymore. So Treyarch could have gotten some good advice and help from staff from IW in the creation of Black Ops...

    OR Treyarch finally did deliver and kudos to them.

    OR Treyarch was simply working from a proven formula already laid out by IW with MW2, and made slight improvements + add zombies.

  16. Not sure if this is applicable as a review but my friends jsut go Blackops and well its pretty laggy on standard PC.. and BUGGY..

    Its almost like as if they did a half ass job and are patching it up or relying n bug patches to patch it up.

    my other friend on consoele seems to be able to play fine but yeah. Other than that I can't say anymore till i try it out myself.

  17. Wow, this is by far the longest thread for our blog comments! HAHAAAA!
    Anyway for all the skeptics and critics of Treyarch, I think this sales headlines would put everything to rest.

    HAHAH and Josh.. can't believe you associate Multiplayer with a gf!!! HAHA U R A UBER NERD...
    Not saying Im not one! lol