Monday, November 1, 2010

Bleach: Shuhei Hisagi

Today, yet another anime figure from the Bleach anime as I have mentioned before

This suave cool guy samurai is called Shuhei Hisagi of the 9th Division. he is a Vice-captain/Lieutenant of the Squad and is a Soul Reaper/Shinigami.

What appeals to me about him is that throughout the anime, we never really see him use his ultimate power of his sword.

Which means, he pretty much takes down the bad guys with his sword skills or the basic "Magic" spells of a Soul Reaper

There's a sense of "bad-ass"ness in him. However, sadly enough, he doesn't get too much air time as he isn't really that popular with the mainstream fans of the Anime series.

All in all though, when he was finally the central role in the show, I must admit, his fight scene was pretty epic. And this would be the first time he releases his sword's ultimate power as shown below.

Of the almost 300 over episodes, there are a few dozen in which the animation of the fight scenes are really detailed or dynamic and I gotta say, this is one of them. In this scene, Shuhei takes on the Arrancar (A Baddie) called Findor and tells him the whole concept of his sword before finishing him off.

I must admit though, in a critical standpoint of view, Bleach anime is getting real draggy and the fillers are boring the shit out of me. Furthermore, the whole concept and mentality of the main character, Ichigo (which i will feature way later) is not that profound. It has come to the point where I am only hoping that the main story arc would provide more intrigue and that they would just stop putting damn lame ass pointless fillers.

While a couple of my friends got interested in the anime, I am pretty doubtful any of them have follow up since. And I can largely account that to really retarded fillers that include stupid forgettable characters. Pardon my frustration but its almost like reading a real boring 3 chapters of an exciting book and the reason why they put the chapters there is to elongate the anime series and give time for their manga line to catch up.

All in All. Good points: Fight scenes and Some Cool Characters, Bad points: Main character and Fillers


  1. So far, from what i have been noticing from your entries is that in terms of animes, you put great cut scenes of fights.

    No really into bleach, but this fight scene looked real great!

  2. Watching Bleach for quite a while and you have my exact same sentiment Jiaqi! I am a fan, but the fillers are killing me too. ;)

  3. I do appreciate and like the Bleach though guys. Its quite a cool anime with all its Samurai and Sword fighting.

    You gotta admit, the fight scenes are pretty awesome among sword fighting show. In addition to the over the top powers.

    I'm sure you people are away of the fact that the fillers are put in to enable that the printing of the manga goes in accordance to the anime.

    But Bleach aint that bad.. seriously.. haha

  4. Hey! I do agree with ChengYin45 too.
    I really like watching bleach and all. The main story arc is awesome and while I admit there is some procastination.
    Overall, it has a great story line with nice intrigue and suspense.

    Not to forget that Ichigo is not all that powerful and when put on a practical level against those enemies of way superior power. He loses badly..

  5. Haha, to each his own. I still do enjoy the fight scenes however, sometimes it gets to draggy it becomes infuriating.

    And yes, Ichigo may not be all that powerful, but most of his opponents tend to lose to him because of some soul-searching, profound unleash of power or his struggle to control the darkness within him. Perhaps, all that to me is pretty cliche. :S

    Nonetheless, its a good fighting anime and i wont take too much of the show into context.
    I do admire lots of the characters and their power ups in the show. I just wish the story line as more crisp, direct and less procrastination all around

  6. I have your sentiments totally, Jiaqi.