Monday, November 15, 2010

Bretonnian Mage

Welcome back Warhammer fans!

Today's pic is my earlier made Sorceress/Bretonnian Mage/Damsel

While she is definitely not as good as my current works, the significance of this miniature would be that she is my first and so far, only female character miniature that I have painted.

Somehow or another, I seem to have a problem painting female miniatures. I would always fret about wanting it to look damn good and quite honestly, even professional or high standard quality paintings at times don't really get it right in my opinion. But okae, Who am I to criticize when I wouldn't be able to paint them well myself. :S

My next female miniature that is in line for painting is my Fay Enchantress. But with so many miniatures waiting to have its turn to be painted. It will be quite a while before I get to her. BUT when I do, I am going to use all of my ability to make her master class quality or at least my top-class painting standard of all that I have painted so far.

On a wargaming note, I must say. the damsel/Sorceress has played her part well. But more often than not, it is to fend off magic attacks from the High Elves. Because I have had plenty of battles with High Elves, most of my magic elements are rendered handicap or left to contend with dispelling duties. Nonetheless, I cannot forsake these damsels or Sorceresses as without them, the repercussion of Magic damage to my army would be great.

On another note, I have been reading the new edition Warhammer rules and lots of things have change. If u wanna know more u can go to the Warhammer Battle Reporter under this link: They feature many battle reports that will give u a gauge of how the new flow of the game is like. This is especially helpful for new Warhammer gamers and work as a good refresher for old Warhammer gamers.

According to a survey done by Warhammer Battle Reporters, Bretonnian is said to be one of the worst armies of the 8th edition rules and I guess that is pretty much a downer for my mainstay Warhammer army :S.

Well in a months time or so, the battles will begin again, as me, Josh and Wei Ting come together to pit each of our armies against each other and then I will see how my army really fairs in 8th ed.

So do check it out as we feature the battles soon :)


  1. I must agree. with what u say. Not yer best works. And sympathies to yer bretonian army.

    Change to Chaos? =p

  2. Gota admit that its still pretty good a painting. She even has eyebrows!

    As for encountering Bretonnian in 8th ed, i wldn't say theyr THAT horrid. As long as charges connect, they will be deadly.

  3. HAHA as long as anyone charges connect, they would be deadly.. Especially cavalry and ogres.

  4. Not if their Goblin Spearmen... :p

  5. or HIGH ELVES! HAHA like seriously.. xP