Friday, November 19, 2010

2 Week Hiatus and Ongoing Events

Greetings All and I am back again,

But this time, my entry is more about what to expect from the blog and upcoming stuff.

First and Foremost though, I would like to thank all the readers and people who come up here to casually relieve their time or take interest and get involved in discussions on our blog. Josh and I fully appreciate it and it is one of the motivations for us to keep doing what we are doing. SO A BIG THANK U!

Next, I will tell you that in the lead up of things to come on the blog, I will be taking a 2 week hiatus for personal reasons. In truth, I'm going to JAPAN for 2 weeks for a holiday.

And since I will be in Japan, I will be going for the Shizuoka Hobby Fair 2010! As such, I will be featuring some stuff for all you model kit enthusiast! Be it Ships, Tanks, Planes or even Gundam.

For those who do not know about what the Shizuoka Hobby Fair is about, every year in Japan, they hold a hobby fair where the biggest guys from the Japanese Model Kit Industry come to showcase their stuff. From Tamiya and Hasegawa to Aoshima, Pit-Road and even Dragon from Hong Kong and your Gundam brands like Bandai will be there to show what are the latest release for their model kit ranges.

Furthermore, there are shops there for me to buy my new kits that I am planning to get and also a museum that will showcase some great works. Last but not least, the Scale 1/1 RX-78-2 Iconic Gundam that was featured in Tokyo a year before, is appearing as it got reassemble this year again for the Shizuoka Hobby Fair!

Here is the Gundam that is shown in the Hobby Fair! Pretty Amazing Stuff especially the effects from the Model and the Head moving mechanics!

This fair is Being held from 24/7/2010 - 27/3/2011, it is quite a long period. So for those interested, you still have ample time to go. I will give the review in December and for those who have time to visit Japan and are keen modellers, that would be a great place to visit!

Here is a preview of some features in the Hobby Fair.

After the 2 weeks hiatus though, I will be featuring lots of miniatures, a couple more models and reviewing several community websites and model stuff that would definitely perk you up. There has been in-depth discussion between Josh and me about coming up with videos to do some painting stuff but at this moment, I am still pretty unsure with the time constraint that is at hand. Videos of our Wargaming Exploits could be a potential, especially when we are embarking on GHQ war-gaming system and also the New Warhammer Rules. One thing is for sure with Toyconstruct: Busy Busy Busy! All I hope is we can be on par and satisfy our readers

In addition, There will be entries on Anime and Mecha stuff too so stay tune for that.

And as for Warhammer fans, We got lots more to give and feature, so you be ready for that too. In fact, even Joshua and Wei Ting doesn't know what I have been up to in terms of painting stuff so stay tune. ;)

Lots in store and Now that I am back in my homeland, I promise you a lot more things I can put into the hobby of Toyconstruct.

Till then, thanks for the support and see you soon!


  1. This hobby fair looks sick.. ANd while I am not a gundam, that ridiculously awesome!!
    HAve a great trip Jiaqi!

  2. AHh Shizuoka HObby Fair.. Really great fair with lots of model stuff. Whatever Jiaqi say is true!
    Lots of model stuff and Gundam!

    But it is quite some distance from Tokyo. Nearer to Mt. Fuji!

    Have a great time there! And I recommend it too!
    I went for the 2008 one and it was really amazing!

    Now with that Gundam Model there, It is bound to be really amazing!

  3. Amazing GUNDAM!!! That is one crazy real scale statue! U think after this fair they would have it again?

  4. Sweet stuff. Always digging Japanese model kits!
    Great quality and great stuff!

    Enjoy yerself there! cheers!

  5. Shit! Cyber Hobby is there too Under Aoshima and Dragon stuff are real great!

    Have a good One there dude!
    It really is Hobby Model Kit galore~!

  6. I can only imagine on top of how awesome it is to go on a trip to japan, the magnitude of going to such a hobby fair and seeing that gundam.
    And that is regardless of whether you are a fan of gundam or not?

    Have Fun JQ!

  7. niceee have a good time there dude! cheers

  8. Thanks for all the well wishes! am currently enjoying the wonders of the land of the rising sun! :) cheers