Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Imperials at Sunrise

Hey Everyone

Hope summer has been going on well for you all! We're almost done with our current batch of photos and we'll be taking more new ones as they come. Expect to see more figures that weren't showcased before, as we even acquired/painted several minis. For one, JQ has GHQ naval units and Chaos Khorne knights...while on my side I have some Dark Elves and a couple of jets (Su-27 and F104) to share. It'll be the first time we're operating separately (we're usually in Singapore at the same time to do shoots), and hope the pictures will turn out all right!

For this entry, we present a picture of our empire spearmen in the sunset, forming a steady formation as they draw their weapons and proudly don their livery into battle in the name of the Emperor and SIGMAR!!!

Dragon Age and Game Sequel Thoughts

Anyone out there who's a fan of fantasy RPG computer games? Right now I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins (completed once) and I have to say it's one of the best RPGs I've played for quite some time. Good original content/fluff, interesting plot that folds around very tough ethical choices you have to make, and it had some radical departures from 'mainstay fantasy lore' such as the human enslavement of the elven population, and the censorship of magic. One of the best points of the game was that you could choose your own 'origin' story, which affected where you started from, and how NPCs will interact with you throughout the game, ensuring a good replayability factor in the game.

You can tell the game's pretty well-polished (cinematics and plot details), but I believe the game was rushed ahead of time and some quests were solid grinding against repeated enemies (namely Deep Roads and the Finale). The only other thing that's going against DA:O is the unbalanced power of mages in the game. As long as you play your mage well, you'll probably own your enemies very well compared to other classes (rogues and warriors).

There's news of Dragon Age 2 coming out next year (2011), and this time you're gonna be limited in your character choices...much like Mass Effect, your character is a human by the name of Hawke, but you're still free to choose classes/gender etc. Advantage: your character will be referred by name in spoken dialogue. Disadvantage: feeling of limitation is kinda of a bummer after the first one allowing you a much higher degree of freedom.

On a side note, I think games are getting published too fast man, with sequels following the originals within a span of a year plus. Compared to 10 years ago, game development now is really hectic and I am not sure if the overall quality of games has dropped in recent years with this mass-production of games...especially if they are rushed to meet sales deadlines.


  1. haha, back with the silhouette type picture. its been a long while since i last visit your blog guys.

    And in terms of Warhammer, I wonder whether you guys have heard of the new edition.

    Other than that, its good to know that you guys are adding new stockpile of cool Warhammer stuff to your blog. Looking forward to all the great stuff soon!

  2. Its a neat pic of the imperial men. Though i reckon that they will get mowed down by Chaos in most cases. :P Hope no offense is taken.

    I am a human basher. Be it bretonnians or empire. Weak compared to the Daemons of Chaos. ;)

  3. Good to hear on the more array of pics you guys will be doing.
    Its been awhile since I came on. But I am looking forward to it.

    Hope all goes well for you guys and more WARHAMMER! oh yeah.

    As for empire, their under-rrated. With their Steam tank and cannon fires, you can easily mowed down a Chaos Army.! HA!