Friday, July 9, 2010

Don Cheadle?

Did a photoshot of the a Todd McFarlane Military Figure.
If you guys are wondering, Todd McFarlane is the creator of Spawn. He became famous for his works with the Spiderman franchise.

Later on, Todd Mcfarlane created the occult anti-hero that was Spawn. He simultaneously released his comics with the action figures that were personally overseen by him and sculpted to his preference. (I remember I bought the first issue of the comic that came along with the Action Figure. It was really great quality for its time, which was 18 years ago or so. Back when computers were still not capable to let me blog here) Presently though, Todd has focused more on his business and passion of making action figures that are of exceptional quality and spread his line of toys around many gaming scenes. From Halo 3 to Baseball icons to Military Figures, Todd Mcfarlane's toy company has sculpted many life-like figures that look pretty darn awesome

Today, I will be showing the African-American edition of the Military Series for the Special Operator.

Special Ops Guy on white background.

One thing that you can always expect from McFarlane Toys is that all its figures come with such high quality detail. Hardly anything i needed to modify or repaint as it looked amazing. The best thing of it is that it is affordable and not off-the-scale expensive.

Here is the Special Op guy trekking amidst a stormy weather condition. Special Forces Operators have been playing a significant role in Military Operations in many conflict areas. This is especially so under the US Armed Forces. While it does not specifically state whether this action figure is under the Navy Seals or the Green Berets, one thing that applies to Special Op personal is their non-standard gear that they donned.

Unlike their military infantry counterparts, special operators hold many non-standard weaponary of the standard soldiers. Many of their weapons are personalized and sighted by themselves. Furthermore, they do not wear fatigues or uniforms that would distinguish themselves for their main purpose is stealth. Dark fatigues or clothing that would blend themselves with the surroundings is something iconic with special forces.

Furthermore, they usually tend to suit up in combat gear that will enable high performance and dexterity in operations as can be seen in the figure.

Heres a funny thing though, The more i looked at the figure, the more I can't help thinking that Todd Mcfarlane sculpted it with Don Cheadle in mind. I would say a lighter colour skin tone version of Don Cheadle.

Have I got it wrong? Comment


  1. No offense to Dear Don but he does look a little more darker than the Action Figure though.

    But yeah, I am pretty amazed at McFarlane's works. Real great sculpts. Only one problem, No very poseable. Movement of joints and arms are almost non-existant.

  2. Haha, I disagree. Doesn't look that similar to Don Cheadle. The Action figure looks rather more grittier.

    I doubt Todd re-imaged it to look like the actor. HAHA nice try on resemblance Jiaqi.

  3. He does look like him but only at certain angles.
    In terms of the picture though, I do take a liking in pretty much every shot.

    Great Job done on the detail, which I must credit it to Todd's design. Loving the M203 attachment on the Carbine and the detailing too.

  4. Guys, U all must be dreaming. The more I look at the figure, the more it doesn't look like Mr. Cheadle.

    But I do like Mcfarlane general.
    A few touch ups on some of the rough spots.. and they look real great..

    Only problem with them is that like POI said, they are not poseable. Then again, it is more of a sculpted action figure than a poseable one so its great!

  5. HAHA Shen,
    Perhaps facial recognition isn't my forte.

    But yeah, Mcfarlane's figures for its military series isnt really poeable. but i think he has a few that are. Like the Gears of War figures and Halo.

    Don't take my word for ti, but I think they are. You can check it out.