Friday, February 5, 2010

Star Wars Awesomeness

Hey Everyone

Taking a slight departure from JQ and WT's warhammer exploits...I'd like to share a really funny picture I saw on the web:

Man, I love Star Wars since I was a kid...and still continue to do so now...except that the prequels kind of killed it a bit.

As a kid, I was amazed how people could collectively dream up a separate world in Star Wars, which seemed to have its own history and kept on evolving as the real world itself progressed through time, like a real and breathing imaginary world that was futuristic and yet gritty at the same time. X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was a game I really loved playing, and I also collected a range of Star Wars micromachines, and some of the action figures too (mostly stormtroopers and clonetroopers). I'll still watch the old trilogy again and again whenever I can find other people to watch them with!

First up, I am an Imperial fan through and through. The rebels do stand up for good, but I really believe George Lucas is too kind to them and lets them win all the time...which explains why I believe The Empire Strikes Back was the best Star Wars movie ever made. But that's me...I tend to support the antagonists because they seem to have much more depth to them (as they face certain defeat in spite of their best efforts) and that it takes a lot more to empathize with their cause then the popular heroes.

But the new Star Wars right now is killing me. The driods (especially the Battle Driods) are brainless and serve more as doofus clowns then actual enemies which were actually designed to kill and help conquer the universe. The backstory for the prequels is indeed intriguing...but alas the touch of kid-friendly Lucas made it go downhill (in my opinion) with very one-sided battles and lame dialogue (smooth skin like sand anyone?). I remember how thrilled I was when news of The Phantom Menace first came out, and thought the Battle Driods could actually be pretty cool...but I guess that was probably the highest level of enthusiasm I could muster for the prequels.

I have also taken some pictures of my stormtrooper/clonetrooper figures, and maybe as a parting shot, I'll present one of them I took while in college:

Left to Right: Hawkbat Battalion trooper, Commander Keller, Snowtrooper (clone war version)


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  1. Cool Star Wars Figures and picture! Awesome