Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aircraft Boneyard

Hey Guys

Spotted this news article about the world's largest aircraft boneyard, thanks to the world's largest airforce: the USAF. Interestingly, this place holds planes that hark back to WWII, and it was chosen due to its arid conditions that preserved the airframes. They took some photos from Google Earth and here are the results:

Just amazing how small the aircraft look like from far, and yet how numerous they are!

This post also goes out to those who played MW2 ;) Same setting, but different country...such an awesome stage in the game (and one of the hardest to boot). Btw, JQ hasn't played MW2, so try not to spoil the game for him :)


  1. I like how there are blue planes speck in the midst of all the white planes.

    Reminds me of chocolate chips.

  2. I saw this on HistoryCh, "life after people" haha