Tuesday, February 23, 2010

M60 Patton Tank

The M60 Tank was a mainstay during cold war era. Unlike its successor, it had a fair share of combat in many conflicts that involved tank to tank battles.

Th M60 tanks has a crew of 4 personnel. It is armed with a 105mm M68 Cannon and can travel to a relatively swift speed of 30 mph or 48 km/h.

While slower and less capable than its successor, the M60 has proved combat worthy and capable of taking out many of its Soviet/Russian Counterparts like T-54/T-59, T-55, T-63, Type 69 and even the T-72.

While the most common but up to date version of the M6o, the M60A3 is comparably less effective than the M1 Abrams MBT, it has a few features that outmatch its modern day successor.

Firstly, The M60A3 had a notably better thermal imaging system than that of the M1 up into the 21st Century, when many M1s had newer ones installed. However, considerably noisier, emitting a loud clicking sound audible several meters outside the vehicle. Next, it was able to use more types of rounds than the M1. Lastly, it has an escaped hatch located under the hull that the M1 lacks.

Two M60 rolling out
Two M60A3 Tanks with add on armor on the lookout for enemies.

The M60 Tank remains in active service by several operators. Among which, Egypt is one of its largest user.

Patton Tanks with Grey Skies ahead
A Backview of the M60A3 Tank. (Micromachines Military)

M60 Patton Tanks on the Green
The M60 Tank was famous in its deadly efficiency in the Yom Kippur War in which Israeli made use of them against Arab Armour with killer results. However in recent days, the Israeli Army has moved on to using their own manufactured main battle tanks, the Merkavas (Many Variants).

M60 Patton Tanks
Somehow or another, I just like the look of the M60 tanks. Furthermore, its design is the basis for many future generation or current modern day tank designs.

With Josh SLR Macro lens, we are able to absorb int he beauty of such a deadly and widely used tank that had a big role to play in many conflict zones and still remains relevant today.

Still doubt its power? World's Wildest Police chase shows how deadly a M60 Tank can be at the wrong hands even when not capable of shooting.

Check out this video

On a side note, I have completed my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and am in the midst of rehashing the Old Arleigh Burke Flight 1 Kit and also attempting to also do another one.

Looking at my 1/700 scale ships, I'm beginning to beam with more pride at the way I paint and how much I have improved. Furthermore, with a larger assortment of Naval Units, I can take shots with more ships on it. However, I would need to start making big dioramas of the sea where the ships can be placed.



  1. Great Job in doing your models.
    Respect to you Jiaqi for your dedication to modelling stuff.

    And great pictures Guys!
    The M60 Micromachines look simple but you guys make a plain toy look great. Diorama added effect to it.

    The M60 Tanks is one deadly machine and the video is really famous. So it on the television once, but vaguely remember it.

    All in All, The moral we learn here is to not mess around with a tank. ANY TANK!

  2. Nice post with the whole crazy tank video.
    I think the host mistook the tank's name.
    He said M6 when it is an M60.

    Great photo taking as usual.