Friday, February 4, 2011

Duty Calls: The Calm before the Storm

Hey Everyone

Thanks JQ for putting up those awesome posts on the Men-o-Art, aka his Men-at-Arms that look really good on camera but have lousy weapon skills. Unfortunately I left most of my WFB stuff at home, and I will be taking pics of my other action figures really soon (eg. Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel).

Here's a piece of really interesting gaming news. Bulletstorm is a FPS by Epic Games and People Can Fly, which also happen to be under EA...the very arch-nemesis of Activision and subject of a lawsuit for enticing Infinity Ward members away and arranging for their departures. When I first saw Bulletstorm, I thought it was a contender to Duke Nukem due to the over-the-top action sequences and "tough guy" attitude that exude from one of the characters.

So instead of making a demo for the game, the creators decided to make a mini-game with tongue-in-cheek references to the wildly popular Modern Warfare franchise. It's free to download, and it gives you about a few minutes of play. But if you're not planning on playing it, here's a video by Jacob VanDerWerf of ( had recorded while playing the game:

Reactions anyone?


  1. errr this is really some wacko Parody trailer for that game right.. cos it is definitely insulting the Modern Warfare Franchise.. HAHA
    hilarious though

  2. OMG.. hahah Josh, this video is hilarious to the MAX..LMAO!

  3. War... war never changes... or does it?
    The war has change.. THe answer is no.. yes no yes no... LOL
    Ridiculous.. lol

  4. Its quite a refreshing way of advertising..Though I didn't know what is their actual game right until u see the ending part where the game trailer of Bulletstorm.

    Hilarious parody though.

  5. BORING...BORING... HAHAHAha funny shit!..
    But yeah guys.. CoD Mod Warfare has run its course.. It is time for Battlefield 3!!

  6. Its been quite a while since I last keep touch with the Military part of this blog. Funny youtube video though.. HAHA