Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A close-up on the New Version of Men-at-arms

Good day to all again,

And I hope u readers are satisfied with the increase frequencies of posts and also the intermittent posts updating you guys on the activities that Joshua and Myself have been up to.

Its been a pretty wild ride for both of us and we are trying our best to give u the maximum pleasure of being able to come and check Toyconstruct more than once a week and see new stuff!

I can't promise we will always be posting this frequently but at least once a week you will get something from us. :)

So here is the follow-up to the last feature of my Old Men-at-arms and the one lone shot of my new men-at-arms. This time round, the new models due to a better sculpt (as mentioned before), enables my brown washes to fill into more of the crevasse around many areas as compared to the old models. This makes the figures look more distinct and defined compared to the old ones.

One thing you can also notice about the new figures is that they are more proportional in body and size compared to the old ones. Furthermore, the regiment comprises of more dynamic expressions in each model than the old one.

I really like how this new Men-at-arms look like and I tried to be as detailed and smooth with the painting of their faces and all. However, I must admit that in terms of painting white, I might have not been too good in painting white well.

Still have a problem in making a smooth white finish that doesn't look too watered down. And because I apply too many layers of white, i normally end up with one thick grooved-like white paint layer , or a watered down with a bit of gray showing from behind. This can be seen a bit on the shield of the figures.

If anyone has tips in preventing this from happening, let me know!

In this pic, We see the Men-at-arms march towards their enemy. On a side note, I hope that when the new Bretonnian Army book is released, the Men-at-arms would get a boost of their weapon skill because they are pretty horrid and that 2 WS makes it harder for the Men to land hits.

Nonetheless, we must give credit to the peasant/Men-at-arms of Bretonnia as they are the backbone in which the kingdom and its Knights sit upon. Without them, the army of Bretonnia would not have its numbers.

With the many customizable parts in the new Men-at-arms model sprues,I was able to have added a few trinkets in the New Men-at-arms. Therefore, each individual carries something that is pretty unique to him. On top of that, this regiment has a guard dog as the mascot of the regiment. (You don't get such extras in the old versions)

With the leader looking very much more grittier than the old Men-at-arms, I would like to think that they would perform as well as they look. In fact, I hope to field both old and new men-at-arms efficiently in battle. So far though, they haven't been much of a impediment against enemy charges (From experience against my friends' armies). :S

But they do serve well as good cannon fodder. :S

Ahh.. such is the tragedy of being a lowly peasant. So while they remain the foundation of Bretonnia, their quantity doesn't really make up for the quality of enemies that chop them down easily.

Train harder Peasant! so u can get ur WS back to 3!


  1. Once again, Your painting is pretty darn good. Really nicely done with the layering and the details. All hail, Jiaqi!

  2. These figures are really well painted dude! great ones

  3. Like how your camera focuses on the details that need showing off.. OVerall, I like the painting. With extra layering and washes, you can make it even more defined!

    Nice though!

  4. I saw your hound the last time you showed the pics in progress. And now that all is completed. It Looks just terrific! Great one!

  5. hawaiiwarhammerfanFebruary 4, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    wish I could paint half as good as you :p

  6. Loving the prolong posts of Warhammer Galore!
    And I have to agree with the rest. Really nicely painted Figures!

  7. I do want to add on that, Recently, Playing in the Warhammer league, even with the new rules making numbers count for something. They got chop down real easily by the enemies regiment..

    Poor Peasants