Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arleigh Burkes Flight I in Micro Scale

It is finally time for me to show what I have been up to in terms of GHQ. The newly embark wargaming system catered to my Modern Military hobby scope that I take lots of interest in.
In fact, I shall also be reviewing their products too.

GHQ provides miniatures for Micro Wargaming for the Great War, World War 2 and Modern Warfare. Specializing more on WW2 and Modern Warfare.

In all my time delving into Military model kits, Military tabletop gaming and Modern Warfare stuff, I have never come across a company that provides such an extensive range of miniatures that would put even the big model kit companies to shame in terms of range of models.

Furthermore, at micro-scale which is 1/285 for armour and aircraft and 1/2400 for ships, that is pretty darn small, they manage to put much details and intricacy in the miniatures they produce.

Today, I shall feature the Arleigh Burke Flight I destroyer from the GHQ miniature productline. This model can be used under a game system called Harpoon for Modern Naval Warfare.

The game system pretty much provides a realistic battle simulation of modern naval battle.
While many critics have point out that the last modern naval battle was the Falkland Wars and much of this system is based on speculation, it provides the next closest thing to what Modern Naval Warfare could possibly be.

Note that all GHQ miniatures are made of Metal and as such, it enables more details in the casting of it. These ships were quite a hassle for me as I had to do a lil conversion to make it look like the actual Arleigh Burke. If u look at the horizontal bars (one short one and a longer one) on the Tripod mast of the ship from the second picture, those were made out of staple lead to the appropriate length so that it has a more better resemblance of the ship. I add a few smaller metal piece to the longer horizontal bar to make it look as close as the real thing as possible. This is shown in the highlighted picture of an Actual Arleigh Burke Destroyer.

I have more in store for you in terms of Modern Naval Miniatures. And while I have not read the concept rules of Harpoon, the Modern Naval Warfare game, I am expanding my miniature collection of Modern Naval Warships by collecting from GHQ and other companies.

However, I will be painting up more GHQ stuff for Micro Armour. Of which, I will feature it along with the gaming system that I have vaguely browse through, so stay tune!

Furthermore, I shall be starting up the Chinese Army that I have collected before I proceed with the U.S Forces I have bought from GHQ. Till then, Cheerios!!


  1. Damn, That is one damn detail micro-scale painting you have there! Great details again Jiaqi!

  2. AS usual, Jiaqi the model maker does not fail us with the fine works of his naval collection!
    Well done dude!

  3. Very well painted and very detailed, including the conversion for very small scale.

    must say, good macro from the camera.

  4. Got to admit that these ships are really well painted and the scenery and photographic skills enhance the ships too.

    It emphasizes on the well painted miniatures!
    Well done Jiaqi! really good work. One of the best I have seen!

  5. Simply a magnificent pieces of work! :) Well Done dude!

  6. Brilllianttt Work!!!
    Wis you could do more than just US ships though.. Got others?

  7. Haha I agree with everyone...the ships look great.

    Yes, JQ has other nations...would someone say "Black Sea Fleet"? :P

  8. Sweeetttt!! Sounds awesome!! :) I like that!! Will look forward to see that!!

  9. Great looking Micro Modern Military ships