Monday, October 25, 2010

Sojiro from Rurouni Kenshin

For all those anime fans out there, to not know Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X is like not knowing anime at all. To those who are unfamiliar to anime and are wondering about what the hell is this, Samurai X is an anime set in the Meiji Period of Japan about a Samurai Assassin by the name of Kenshin Himura.

In my opinion, it is by far the most intriguing and captivating anime tv series of all time. To give a brief summary of this anime story, it begins with two original version anime (OVAs) films called Samurai X revolving on the life of this guy by the name of Kenshin Himura. In the movies, he was trained by a sword master and became a Samurai with exceptional swordsmanship. While he didn't finish his training, he became an Assassin for the Meiji Government, and because of his assassinations, he was played pivotal role in the Meiji restoration.

To put it simply, this anime involves real actual history and many of the characters you see are actually based in some way to real historic figures in Japanese History. While Kenshin is fictitious, the OVA shows his exploits and his prowess with the blade and his cold-hearted life as an assassin with no remorse and no mercy.

The OVA ends with him reaching a revelation of his life and after a few very heart-hitting tragedies, he establish his resolve to not kill ever again.

Then comes the TV series which is called Rurouni Kenshin, meaning Kenshin the Wanderer, talks about his exploits as the Wandering Samurai.

The last OVA which is called Seisouhen talks about Kenshin and the ending of his life.

The entire story of him was just so moving, tragic and yet philosophical. In addition to the historic value, there is a sense of Japanese warrior culture that you can grasp and understand from this anime. As i feature more of these Samurai X figures I will elaborate further, or you can check out the anime films and TV series urself ;)

Seta Sojiro is one of the antagonist in the tv series anime Rurouni Kenshin. he appeals to me as he is probably one of the only few characters that really pose a serious threat to Kenshin Himura. Furthermore his speed is exceptionally fast and can be comparable or surpass Kenshin Himura own prowess in speed. Furthermore, in Rurouni Kenshin, even the villains are appealing too.

Face-off between Kenshin and Soijiro

What is iconic about Seta Soijiro is his ability to be exceptionally fast but more importantly, he's ability to be unpredictable in his sword attacks as he displays no emotions and his insensitive mentality. Finally, he is fluent in the sword style practice by Kenshin, and with the combination of his ability to be fast, he has name his own sword technique known as "Shutensatsu" meaning to be killed by Heaven's sword

Here you will see the rundown of his battle between Kenshin which is through episode 54-56 of the TV series. While these episodes also tells a history of Sojiro, this clip only shows the battle prowess of these two warriors.

My next post will be yet another anime figure before I get back to Fantasy and Military Stuff.
As of now, I have am finishing up and completing a couple of Modern Warships from the GHQ Harpoon series and also One or two Dragon Model Ships. I have also begun painting the GHQ Modern Warfare Micro Armour stuff. On top of that, I am also in good progress with regards to Warhammer. However, I will be taking a break for a while after this week as I start to my exams but I can assure you there is so much to come between now and the end of the year.

Not to mention a lot more events and other things.
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    I must say that I prefer the OVAS compared to the TV Series, But the TV Series is definitely great in many aspects and in many episodes.

    Sojiro is really deadly indeed!

  2. You got to admit, all this animation films that have something to do with Samurais always have really cool names and sword moves that are pretty darn nice.

    Don't you think so?

  3. Nice fight scene. I like the last part.
    It is really awesome.

    Very nostalgic too as I haven't recap on Samurai X for a long time

  4. hawaiiwarhammerfanOctober 26, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    Most Welcome DUDE! Always digging yer photographic skills

  5. Hey! thanks for the shout out. Really like your blog and all your entries Jiaqi!

    This anime your talking about looks pretty epic and none of the crazy fantasy weirdness. I might check it out though Anime wasn't really a thing for me.

    Then again, that's hypocritical of me because transformers, robotech and Ninja Turtles were all anime.

    Nice entry though!

  6. Great to see your blog as always Jiaqi.
    Great fight scene in the Video!

  7. Sojiro was a great character. I wished we saw more of him later on in the series. He should've made a comeback during the Jinchuu Arc.

    I took a look back at some great moments in RK. You can read it at:

    The upcoming PSP game should have Sojiro in it. I think his character reflects how a lot of people lie to themselves by covering up their emotions.