Monday, October 18, 2010

Dashland Infantry Rifle Man

Part two of my Dashland Infantryman.

So here we have the frontal view of the 1/6 Action Figure.
In terms of this Action figure market, there are a few major players. They are Dragon (the company that also produces excellent model warships that I like) from Hong Kong, DID, Hot Toy and BBI.

While Military Figures of Modern and WW2 are the mainstay, these companies also specialize in Movie Characters and Action Heroes like Batman, Leonidas from 300 and many more.

The cool things about these figures and their accessories though is that there is lots of attention to details. The sculpt of the face looks realistic enough. In addition, the magazine cartridge of the M4 carbine my Action figure is holding has literally 1/6 5.56 rounds in it. Furthermore, it is fully poseable and its has numerous articulation points making it VERY VERY flexible.

Decided that every soldier deserves to have a side arm and thus I equipped the Soldier with a Beretta that u can actually cock it.

Here we see him aiming with his pistol.

In this pic, the pistol is holstered. I do want to add on that I really do like the whole new digital camouflage design. While it looks pretty weird, the apparent ability to easily camouflage or blend to its specific surrounding is evident through testing.

However, the these camou that is equipped on this trooper is an urban/desert camouflage and would be pretty ineffective in the usage of it in the tropical jungles. Thus, a jungle digitalized version would be required in such an environment.

The Singaporean Armed Forces have used such a version for their Armed forces, and while it looks even weirder in the setting of Urban Singapore, it blends well in the jungle as shown below.

On a side note, I have started to do a few model kits again after more long hiatus due to heap loads of work. There are so many new stuff pending that Josh and I haven't have the opportunity to take pictures of but the good part of it all is that there is heap loads of new stuff that will be featured in the blog.



  1. Great Figure!
    The Pistol Holster and the details are amazing!

    Great Buy dude!

  2. Wow, that is amazing that they hhave 1/6 scale 5.56 rounds. Furthermore, that they are individual rounds.

    What material are they made of?

  3. They are made of metal.
    SO it is really high quality stuff.
    u can get lots of customisation stuff from the place called

    Thanks for the comments Shen.
    Was a bit doubtful on whether the holster will compliment the battlegear.

    Then again, its my own imaginary infantry combat uniform. :S oh wells.

  4. Saw the stuff yer recommended Jiaqi, and it is really awesome. THanks alot!

    I might think of getting one or two of such action figures. Furthermore, its in the U.S so its pretty convenient for me.

    I like the details of it and great shots!


  5. I must say though, Apart from all the ergonoical attributes and benefits of the new uniform. It looks really cool in terms of the design and the way its worn.

    I'm sure many can agree with me right? :0

  6. Wow, I want to comment that the Singapore Army Combat Uniform looks pretty cool now. And the digital jungle camouflage effect is great. I think the US Army should use that to compensate for its lack of ability for its default ACU uniform to blend in jungle surroundings.

  7. Apparently, they have already modified the ACU uniform camouflage for the Afghan theater that looks pretty different from the default one.

    So I think the Department of Defense is addressing the issue accordingly

  8. Great Looking 1/6 Action Figure and customisation. Liking the whole works of it!

    Nice one!