Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everyone has an Imagination. Yes?

Welcome back to another week of Toyconstruct!

Today we feature our first 12 Inch Soldier Action Figure.
For those who don't know, this re pretty much the "Barbie Dolls" for guys. (But really expensive ones)

Basically you start with the basics of getting ur plain action figure which have a range of races from Caucasian to African to Asian, of which are one of the major selections. After which, you proceed on to dress him up and equip him with the selection of weapons and equipment.

Well after ogglnig for years, i thought why limit myself to the basic model kits and collectibles and start up with my own Action figure.

And here is how he looks like, dressed up in battle gear that resembles something like the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) of Modern USA. The scale for these action figures are 1/6 so u can roughly guess how big they are.

So basically, this would be my imaginary armed forces infantry man from the fictitious Nation of Dashland. I would rather not go into the details of the background of Dashland but basically its my fictitious entity that i use for most of my modern warfare and conflict.

All I can say is the "Dash" in Dashland is taken from DSHCC which like S.H.I.E.L.D from Marvel represents an armed forces unit that I made up called the Defensive Sabre hand Command Corps.

And like the U.S Ideals, its objective is policing the world and keeping the "bad" guy nations in check and not all the time it does this on the basis of its on national interest. So technically, my imaginary nation is like Superman, FULL of GOODY ideals without the gritty baggage of say Batman.

Whats your imaginary nation for those who do have a collection of military stuff? Or better yet, what imaginary forces have u constructed in your mind. I'm sure any person who has delved in military toys or collectibles or anything that even remotely requires the mind to be active will have an imaginary "Something". Even in Warhammer 40K, I'm pretty sure people do personalize dear own chapters in the Space Marine Armada.

Do share about it in the comment section.

As for this infantry man of mine, I chose the Asian Figure just because I'm Asian. Gotta have a lil pride in my own race. The modernized design of the ACU also attracted me and therefore, with the intention of wanting to display that the Dashland Armed Forces in its basic form was a Modern Developed Armed Forces, I equipped my figure with it and a Camou M4 Carbine Rifle.

I must add though that while Most people by ready-made figures with their default uniform, it is much more rewarding to customize ur own. However, it could be more costlier. And as this is also a niche market like Warhammer Tabletop gaming and Modern Military Model Kits, finding the PARTS you want can be a real challenge even online.

My next interest would be to equip a figure with the Advance modern ACU war gear that I found in Sunway, Malaysia. Whether to equipped it to my current figure or get a new one is still something I will be debating.

But seriously, its so costly, I would have to take into consideration whether I would even get it, considering I have so many hobby stuff that are soaking the life out of my MOOLAH. :p

Till then, enjoy the pics and more of the Figure in the next week entry. :) Cheers


  1. My apologise on the lame comment.. U gotta admit, it was hilarious on the "its so bad its good" extent.

    As for your entry, I can totally related to u on the whole niche market thing for the model kits, miniatures and collectibles you have.

    But these 6 inch figures are becoming more popular in the niche section compared to the rest don't you think?

  2. Chillax man.. We meant no offense!

    I am not too sure about 1/6 scale action figures in the West but I know the modelling kit capitals of Asia, that being Hong Kong and Japan, its getting bigger.

    Especially around the oriental regions of Asia.
    Right jiaqi?

  3. Really cool get-up for the soldiers fatigues and weaponary. GOO Dashland Armed Forces!

    As for my imaginary armed forces, I called it the Eagle Strike Command. Cliche but well just have a fascination with the Great Eagl and inspiration from GDI in C&C

  4. Everybody likes to simulate a global superpower, in this case the USA. But I like how you got an Asian Figure. Don't see many of those around.

  5. No offense to anyone else but hiko: AZN POWER!

    But yes RedChina u r indeed correct on the part that Action Figures of such sort is really dominant in Hong Kong and Japan. More so than model kits.

    ANd Nat, HAHA ur comment was funny in any case, even if it was lame.