Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tikam Tikam

For those who are unfamiliar with the Title, it is a malay/singlish slang word for "random picking of things". (Correct me if I am wrong, Not a affluent connoisseur of my country's slang)

For the toy that i am featuring, it is the type of toy you get by putting coins into the machine and turning the knob so that a ball come up with some random "crap" from the range of "crap" that they over from the machine.

This machine can churn out random stuff. From key chains, to poor quality Walt Disney products to Fake Pokemon Figures and Funny simplistic toys.

I got this one from a machine that was somewhere along the streets. The sign display read "Warplanes of the World". Since I was bored and pretty much had change to throw away, I decided why not lets give it a shot and check out the stuff i got.

And lookey here, With a lil luck, I got a Av8B Harrier Jet.

HAHa the funny thing about this toy though is that if you take a closer look, U can see the word "China" right next to the US Airforce insignia.

That is pretty much ironic in every sense. An American/British plane, with the word "China" on it. I wonder where did these guys get their "Warplanes of the World" Facts from. :S Because I am pretty sure China doesn't have AV-8B jets.

Nonetheless, for a scrappy toy, its attention to sculpt and other details were not bad.

But then again, this are widely considered low grade toys that probably would get dispose off in no more than a week from the point of time that is is acquired from a kid

Get me wondering though, How is there ever a market to earn profit from this.

However, I would like to point out something, this is not the same as the Japanese machines of similar concept. Because those are high quality products and by god, they are not cheap. In fact many of the stuff they have inside their own set of ball packages are original.


  1. There is one thing that I want to add in describing this Harrier Jet too.

    It never ceases to amaze me how all the low B grade military toys have various colour schemes that are pretty outrageous.

    Was walking through Wal-Mart and you get to see some of these funny "ARMED Forces" toys with their hilarious outfits and "over the top" weapons.

    Not to forget, even some of your micromachines have colour codes that are not even used in the real world.


  2. Haha, I think what is more hilarious isn't from the military aspect for B grade toys, but more of B grade action figures pirating from original Heroes.

    You have Batman or Spiderman in the most wackiest colour scheme or you would have them being called by another name.


    As for B grade military stuff, IMO, Plastic Green Men never fails to rock my world.
    Has rocked when i was a kid and I still think it is one of the most influential B grade toys of yester-years.

  3. Call me Nuts, But i prefer all these type of toys than the nonsense they spout out nowadays.

    For eg. Joo Joo pets or whatever u call it. I think that's pretty lame even though it is suppose to be A grade.

    Then again, the toy industry is losing out to Call of Duty MW2 and CPU games.

  4. Hey Vickers,

    Go to China, they have loads of those pirated and B grade toys all over. Just be double cautious to ensure that the toy doesn't have poisonous substance in it.

    Can never be too safe with their stuff. :P lol

    But i agree with you on the Computer games part.

  5. HAHA say all you want about Computers.

    But nothing beats the satisfaction of making ur own army in Warhammer or Making a Fleet of Ships , a Company of Tanks and Infantry or fixing ur own model kits and calling it ur own.


    Then again, with the lowest attention span of all youth generation... I think such a comment will fall on deaf ears.

    And i do like CPU games too.. HEHE

  6. Jiaqi,

    Not sure if you still have this Harrier, but would you be interested in selling it?

    1. Hi there MetalAV8B. I wouldn't mind selling to you but I have to check if I still have it.

      Will get back to you soon (: